Possibly Selling My G1 Collection

hi everyone, i was thinking about selling my g1 collection with around 60 sets in it now (some not pictured) and wanted to get an idea of what price i should shoot for, please no joke answers i actually would like some input.

most sets are near mint but some are play worn and the mosquito makutas horn has been snapped off.
the reason im selling id do i can focus on moccing because i never seem to moc and only collect.
i am currently open to offers.


these are to be sold as a lot

i am not 100% certain on a base price but it couldnt be less than £100 because at that price the sets would be £2 each

:edit2: the bottom line is 300 dollars, at that price it is a great deal at about 4 dollars per set


Oh my goodness I would totally buy this.
Well what are you thinking for a base asking price? Just a general estimate.
Also, are you gonna sell them together or individually?


just added an edit to the post :slight_smile:

Do you ship to the U.S.?


i could do but that ship would be expensive, like very expensive


UK? Main that shipping would be expensive. I'm seriously considering this though.

i know right but i still dont think id let it go at 100 pounds because that is criminally undervalued

I might advise breaking them up into smaller groups to make them more manageable price wise.


i could do but i do just want to sell it as a whole since it has been a whole for so long, i know it would be easier to sell as lots instead of a lot but i just want to get it all shifted at once

I would definitely buy this but shipping prices for australia are alot normally

I would say you could make a good $200 on this collection. However, you may want to wait for a time when Constraction is a little more popular than it is now. You may make more money.

yeah they would be worse than to send to america.

@MaskmakerOfLight yeah i considered that but i kinda wanna have these go to a fellow true g1 fan XD

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Brick link is probably a good place to find prices allthough I think they have to pay brick link some of the money so prices will go up. Another good place Is probably markets and stuff like on reddit. I've seen the toa mata and nuva hover around 7 US each although currently there are some toa mata, rahkshi and toa metru going for 5 Us each.

i know the average prices on each set but if i went by those this would be astronomically priced


Turaga, agori, and some maoran sets (not separated from their vehicles)- 6$ usd

toa - 12-14$ usd each

Makuta, barraki, and piraka sets- 12-14 each

Rahkshi, Bohrok, amd Vahki- 10$ each

Titan sets (takanuva, makuta teridax) 30$ each

Jaller & gukko- 25$

these are all in USD, so adjust accordingly

ive looked at individual pricing but id rather price them lower as a set because otherwise no one would buy as a lot otherwise, im thinking about $250 - 300 total for 60 sets or so making the sets around 4 - 5 dollars each which imo is a good deal

Doing a tiny bit of counting and math, $330 is probably what you should sell them for, no less.

yeah i would be happy with 300 to be honest, im happy as long as they go to a good home, be it that of a moccist or collector

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So you aren't quite looking to make a lot of cash, you just want to sell them for a decent price I guess?

yeah because it hasnt cost me much to amass my collection and i have 15 kg of spare parts on the side, i just want a decent deal that isnt scamming me out or anyone else

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