Potential 2020 Constraction theme speculation (?)

Well… Here goes the last hope Constraction had. I’m still exited about this new Asian-Inspired theme even if it’s going to be system, don’t get me wrong. I think having a Journey to the West-type theme in LEGO is an interesting idea that has a lot of potential, but the fact that it isn’t Constraction makes me genuinely sad.

I think the best thing we can do right now is to reach out to LEGO and politely ask them to reconsider the fate of Constraction. It would most likely not work, but hey, I’d much rather do that than stay here and do nothing.

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Well looks like I’m buying gunpla or transformers if I want an action figure.

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gunpla is the only thing that fills my buildable robot void too, friend.

I highly doubt it, but they could go the Chima route and have additional figures representing the characters in constraction. Hope is not all lost.

But yeah… sending emails and letters are about your only options at this point.


Exactly. All the emails that LEGO got after they decided to end Ninjago back in 2013 was what prevented the theme from being canceled. So who knows, maybe we should try doing the same thing. What do we have to lose in doing so, after all?

The time it takes to write a decent letter, that’s all. (a letter would probably have the most impact, because that means you were willing to pay to get your opinion out, but either works.)


Honestly even if we do succeed and we get buildable figures; lego has to make them cheap. I’m sorry buy 30$ average isn’t going to compete against gunpla, transformers, marvel, etc. I know if I was a kid with that money I’d rather buy a transformer over something I could build myself for free.



If I’m gonna be Honest, I really REALLY hate this new Theme. like I got my hopes so up that now I just want to see it get canceled in the first wave

I meant rather then spending 30$ or more on the newest figure I could build one out of my own parts. Either way they would need to price competetively and also advertise as much as they do their system themes.

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To be honest, I’m not too broken up about it? I didn’t think it was gonna be Constraction in the first place, and while it would have been nice if it had been, it’s not a huge priority for me, at least personally. (Besides, any Constraction we do get is probably gonna be based on Mixel joints, just calling it now.)

What I am interested in is how the story turns out. If this being based on Sun Wukong is true, I’m of two minds on it. On one hand, while Chinese inspiration is very different from Japanese ninjas and samurai, I also don’t know that most kids would make a distinction; so as another Asian-inspired story theme, this would have to make a point to set itself apart from Ninjago and present a different play pattern or build style or do something unique, to avoid getting trampled by the sheer momentum of the far better-established theme. On the other hand, I do think that Journey To The West is a very fascinating source material to work from, that could give us some interesting Lego sets no matter how loosely or faithfully they interpret or remix it here.

On the third hand, if we’re off-base and this isn’t Wukong-related, I do feel like it could maybe stand up next to Ninjago better, but it would still have to avoid the other pitfalls that undermined China and Nexo Knights anyway; like their subpar storytelling, and an emphasis on vehicles that made them essentially Ninjago with a slightly different aesthetic. Again, I think this will need to offer a different sort of play pattern in order to succeed.

I’m quite interested to see what comes of this, no matter the case. I know a lot of people were hoping for this to be Constraction, and I won’t tell you you’re wrong to be disappointed, but personally I don’t want to write this off already just because of the format, when there’s still a lot of potential to have a fun and interesting new unlicensed theme.


I actually kinda think what this theme needs to set it apart from Ninjago would be to not have as many vehicles. Ninjago seems like it’s found a solid formula of having a ton of vehicles along with a couple structure sets. It would be neat to have a theme where the characters are mostly just adventurin’ around as minifigures instead of being in these massive cars/planes/mechs/etc.


…That’s what I was saying there.


How can you hate this theme when it hasn’t even been revealed yet? I don’t think you can really hate anything just because it’s not what you expected, because it can still turn out to be great anyway.
And, as I said before, If you want constraction back, send a message to LEGO about it, that’s about the best thing we can do at the moment.

EDIT: Yesterday I messaged LEGO on Twitter and asked about the current status of CCBS, and ended up with this reply:

This makes me somewhat hopeful…


It could be a stock text. I got a stock letter when I sent a letter asking about the future of bionicle, not long after G1.

Just throwing that out there.


Stock Text from Twitter? I don’t really think so.

It’s amazing what a bot can do. They just need to log it in, put in some stock messages, and keywords to look for.


Why does the message have the someone’s signature then?

You can just print [employee name]. It’s not difficult. Even if it isn’t a bot, that’s intentionally vague. They can’t answer, because they can never answer a question like that if they still want their job. I have a better idea: let’s just stop pestering them about information they’re contractually bound not to give and instead just wait and see.


Wait and see what? Monkie Kid (aka Leaf) it’s pretty much confirmed to be a system theme. What else can we wait for?