Potential 2020 Constraction theme speculation (?)

Patience is a virtue, David. You have to remember some of us were around before constraction was even a thing and we got along just dandy then, and the ones still here after two Bionicle cancellations and CCBS disappearing aren’t about to fall apart because a Lego PR gave us a nonanswer.

If you want, you can be like some of the other fans and consistently be intrigued by the new themes Lego puts out which introduce new molds, colors, parts usage pushing the limit of what’s legally possible with Lego bricks, and hope that somewhere not too far away there’s a buildable figure line waiting to be released. I know that’s not instantly gratifying, but it’s a slow and steady pace at which we run, and it’s a satisfactory one in the end.


I think the best chance for Constraction is its evolution. System has absorbed it, and now Constraction’s new form is in the Minecraft big figs and the new Super Hero Mechs (I got the Thanos one, so far have no regrets at any capacity). It was a big part of my childhood, but it’s not like Constraction was all that made Bionicle Bionicle or what made me love LEGO in the first place. It’s like Lord of the Rings; I’m just happy we have had the chance to experience it, even if there isn’t yearly consumer content being added to it.

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Whether this is constraction’s new form or not, it’s not going to win back all the fans that LEGO lost when they discontinued constraction. If they want that, they should maybe try doing an entire theme that’s in the spirit of Bionicle, but it uses system mixel joints and maybe a few of the CCBS pieces that are left in production. I think that is a pretty good idea that if done right, could end up becoming the true spiritual successor of constraction.
But as things are right now, I don’t think the Marvel Mechs and the Minecraft Big Figs can really be considered the successors of Constraction.

I don’t think that this loss is one LEGO is going to try to win back. This was cancelled ten years ago, if they haven’t gone back to LEGO yet, I think the only thing that might pull them back is just G1 continued with similar pieces and builds, which can’t really happen.

What you’ve described here is really more of a spiritual successor of constraction Bionicle rather than just constraction. Hate them or not, the Star Wars characters were a part of that building system, and they did basically what the Minecraft figures are doing, just appearing a lot worse.

Why not? They solely:

are enlarged character builds, and have wide ranges of articulation and pose-ability thanks to the use of ball joints, excluding the Minecraft figs for their source material. That’s essentially what Bionicle, HeroFactory, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Chima did. The difference is that their sets are cheaper, more accessible, and include a minifigure. It may not be constraction, but it’s as close as I see us getting for a long while.


In what way are they cheaper and more accessible? The reason Constraction became so popular in the first place was because how cheap and accessible it was. And one of the main reasons it failed was because LEGO forgot about that and made it overpriced (with the Star Wars ultrabuilds especially).
Most of the original Bionicle and Hero Factory sets retailed for 10$, which is cheaper then the 15$ price tag of the Marvel Mechs and the Minecraft Big figs.

But anyway, if Constraction’s future lies in Mixel joints as you say, then they’d better start making more diverse things with it, not just Minecraft and Marvel. Something that can also appeal to me.

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Seconding this

Using a business model Lego doesn’t use anymore, and which would be immensely costly nowadays


I mean… If constraction was still popular in the mid 2010’s (long after the business model of the early 2000’s was gone), why can’t it be today?
And I don’t think it would be anymore costly than most of the licensed themes they currently produce, where they have to pay a fee, and they have to produce a lot of specialized molds that they will never reuse afterwards (I am looking at you, Angry Birds and Trolls).

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And therein lies the problem.


So it looks like Leaf is unofficially confirmed to be this new theme, as all but the final two set numbers on the website (71376 and 71377) line up


maybe I should say I ALREADY hate this theme. because again, it was Speculated to be a Constraction theme and you know how long we been waiting for a another one but NOPE it isn’t.

at this point I feel like Lego hates us and wants us to Suffer and Starve to death because that what it looks like too me

Well I mean they did pawn the job of advertising G2 off on us and the line failed.

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Didn’t we come up with the theory that it was Constraction? Isn’t it on us that we set our hopes so high? So why are we attacking LEGO?

I get it, You’re upset that it isn’t Constraction, but isn’t better to enjoy what we have instead of dreaming about what we don’t? I love Bionicle, but there are some really cool things that LEGO has been doing lately. Surprisingly, Ninjago is doing well, and this latest wave of sets have intrigued me the most out of any wave since I was a wee lad seeing the Serpentine sets coming out. LEGO just hosted a poll that literally decided on the next Star Wars UCS set (LET’S GO GUNSHIP!). Lego Overwatch has provided awesome sets at awesome prices, and though there are rumors that say otherwise, I’m holding out hope that it continues through 2020.

It may not be what you guys really want, but is there nothing here that interests you? Constraction as we know it may very well be gone. It’s evolved with the Mixel Joints, allowing every current form of LEGO piece, excluding Technic, easy attachment and far more variety in customization of a skeleton. Is it superior? Not by a long shot, but as a fan of LEGO, I can attest that it is still really fun.

So, please, don’t dream about the impossible and have LEGO let you down every time, and direct your frustration at the theme that gave you Constraction at the first place. It’s far more relaxing and enjoyable to hope for the improbable and take time to at the least acknowledge what we have. Never forget Constraction, but you don’t need it to return to still enjoy the sets you already have or LEGO today. And if you’re only a Constraction fan and not a LEGO fan, then that’s alright, but I sympathize for you.

TL;DR - If you spend so much time reminiscing about Constraction that you start scouring the future for any sign of a return, you can miss out on some really fun times. Don’t let the golden age of the past or the dreams for the future ruin the time you could have today.


at this point I feel like Lego hates us and wants us to Suffer and Starve to death

With these parts you can frame just about any kind of head or torso at constraction scale. Lego does not hate moccists nor are they “starving” us of anything.


I think the problem with G2 was that it lured us fans into a false sense of security that Bionicle/construction could once again come back one day. Over the past two decades, only two themes have managed to come back from the dead as their own theme after bring cancelled: Bionicle and Ninjago. That’s it. The fact we even got Bionicle back was kind of a miracle in itself.

The problem is that now Lego has unintentionally built up in us fans that hope that either Bioncle or constraction could once again come back someday. Now, whenever we see a new theme being speculated, everyone seems to jump on the ’constraction is back’ bandwagon without looking into the theme in depth it waiting for more info to come out. For leaf, all we had was set numbers, that was it, nothing else, no set names, no piece counts, no prices, nothing, but we were still speculating ”oh, this means construction is coming back as the number of sets lines up with a Bionicle wave”. The same thing happened with dits just to a lesser extent. This same exact type of thinking happened in 2018/19, although maybe not to the extent of this year.

The problem is that we as fans are jumping on the hype train even before it has officially been built yet. Doing this shows that we’re blinded by nostalgia and grasping at straws trying and hoping for things to come true. Heck, I almost feel like Faber Is praying off this mentality with whatever his new project is, as we’re coming up on almost a year since he first teased the idea and it feels like it’s gone basically nowhere. I never jumped on this bandwagon, as I have no idea where it’s going and it could all just end in failure.

I realize a good chunk of us here are either teenagers or adults in their early twenties, but sometimes you just gotta move on. Constraction or Bionicle could cone back at some point but it probably won’t be for a long while. So just relax and be happy with what you have, as I guarantee It’ll put you in a better mindset about the future of constraction and Bionicle


What I’ve been saying almost since the beginning. He could very well be capitalizing on the attention he can gain from us because he’s “Christian Faber” and he knows we’ll pay attention to him.

I honestly don’t know what to think about this whole deal.

It seems like simultaneously stirring up hype for something big, and then leading us on at the same time.

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Thank you!


Well, we did have that 4chan leak from a few mouths back… I think that was the main thing that fueled the “Leaf is Constraction” theory.

But yeah, it seems like the entire thing was fake. Probably some random person just made it up in order to give us blind hope.


I mean, there’s your first problem right there. ^_^;


Then that just contributes to the problem: Too many licensed themes. Is Lego just running out of original theme ideas? Or are they just relying on Ninjago to use original theme ideas? I’m talking about ghosts, sky pirates, time-travel, digital worlds…

And as for the JTTW adaptation…we already saw the Monkey King minifigure in Series 19. And I thought that guy was REALLY weird. Like, Cats movie-weird. So I’m not looking forward to Monkey Kid.

It probably won’t be a straight adaptation. I think it’ll be only loosely based of the main plot. And I’m not even sure if a book adaptation would be considered a licensed theme.[quote=“thewimpykid, post:17, topic:51251”]
I don’t think they’re doing it just for Just2Good. There are other Nintendo fans besides Just2Good. You do realize that, right?

Obviously no, but I’m pretty sure they thought how he’ll heavily promote it.