Pouks, Toa of Stone - BIONICLE Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard

Pouky is finally here boys lets get this party started lads lets go.

(this is the main picture BTW)

In the third picture here you can quite clearly see that the pin that hold the front of the metru torso on aren’t actually going though the holes. This is just an error in the Stud.io model, it doesn’t actually have any baring in how the MOC looks.

The mask used here is one that I designed and modelled myself. I’m calling it the Rorirori, and saying its a Mask of Heat, but in the context of this contest that doesn’t really matter all that much. Regardless, you can get it on Thingiverse here:

It will be put up on Shapeways, eventually.

This is what I understood a “breakdown” picture to mean. If this isn’t right or more is needed, Eljay my man, please tell me :sunglasses:. In this MOC I used the popular shoulder posability mod for the Metru torso, but I am confident that anyone with eyes can see that it could be swapped out for the traditional gears, a system of stiffened gears, or something else like that without changing the function or overall look of the MOC.


To clarify, this guy is one unit shorter that Iruni sans mask, but the mask makes him a fair bit taller. My understanding is that this is allowed. Edit: i built Iruni one unit too short in his torso. You should get the idea though, he is definitely shorter than him.

Here is the link to the Stud.io file. I also included the Stud.io part for the mask :sunglasses::

Finally, I do not give consent for anything about this MOC to be changed. He must keep the same spear tip, he must stay gold, and most imperatively he must keep the same mask. Thank you.



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Love the mask! was sort of the design I was thinking of for a mask of transmutation for my toa of iron, but I lack the necessary skills to make them on my own thus far. Mostly tinkering around getting a feel from struct layering and such

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Pouks’ mask got run over by a tractor

Banking entirely on the extremely atypical mask design are we? Well another Pouks currently has my heart, but I wouldn’t mind getting this one up in the runnings. Excellent mask!

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That mask sure is… interesting.

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I don’t think I much like it on Pouks (since it doesn’t really fit the loud-mouth class-clown) but I like the design itself. It reminds me of some of the masks from the Helryx contest.

I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme --I would prefer if he had black hands and wrists, and the gold + brown combo lacks contrast IMO. I do appreciate the non-traditional eye color, however