Preston Stormer


The Pro
The Supersonic
The Behemoth

The Hotshot
The Whirlwind
The Livewire

The Tech-Head
The Steamroller
The Lionheart

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The classic blue always was good on Stormer. Very good color scheme. Light blue and orange police lights are a good nod to his 2.0 scope. Icethrowers are neat too. From the cons: too much black in arms, breaks color scheme a little, and hunchback, wich does not fit Stormer, in my opinion.


Those are some looooooong shins.

The legs seem really long, not sure that they are actually too long, they just look like it.

@Nogus101 @Hawkflight
They continue up a bit past the knee. I know they’re the weakest part of the MOC, and I’m personally not a fan of the visible crenulations from the slopes, but I still have yet to find a better design for them. Still, they’re meant to be long. Deliberate heroic proportions.

I think you have a good point about the inner arms. Originally he had black on the inner legs too; I should have changed one when I changed the other. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on the hunch though. In my eyes, he’s an older and more grizzled police veteran sort of character and despite him being a robot I wanted to give him a bit of a dad bod.


very nice

Interesting use of cloth in the torso. That and the black arms make it look like he’s wearing a protective flexible bodysuit underneath is heavier armor. The moc also reminds me of a transformer with the police car decals and general shaping.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice moc!


I love the “Space Cop” feeling you were going for with him - suits HF as a whole and good ol’ Preston especially.

His proportions are initially jarring but they’re growing on me the longer I look at him. Not sure about his having three hero cores, though.

You’ve done a great job capturing the “not so serious” side of HF that it started to neglect as it went on, while still making him look very cool. Well done.


He actually has six hero cores :stuck_out_tongue:


What the karz?!?

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