Protector kaita of power & wisdom (WIP)


What if I want to do both…

Step 1, making fun: Lol more kaita

Step 2, critique: You have to be careful with how you make these combiners appear. The colors ideally would be either perfectly spread out or perfectly color blocked. I would advise you steer the MOC towards the latter. Also the Protector foot elements, outside of their natural use as feet, look very blocky. One thing I do applaud you for are those triple-shooter designs. Lastly, the limbs look very out of proportion, but that’s likely a given with these kaita designs.


Aslong as you don’t make fun of how i build my MOC it’s ok beckos my MOC is my MOC your MOC is your MOC we all build diffrent and how fun would it be if evry singel MOC was the same.

Like the triple blaster gun.

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I would make both torsos a bit longer, similar to this thing I threw together:


The bodies are too small for such long legs.

Im actuly working on a update.

so first off
The star drill weapon thing for the kaita of power needs less big

more small

the second weapon doesn’t suit it at all

the legs look wierd, and the body is too small
The colours don’t feel properly balanced, the kaita of wisdom feels less wisdomesc and more poweresc
with the triple gun n such
the shoulders of the wisdom feel out of place too

Its a good try, but I think you can do better

good job man.

Huh… This is actually pretty good…


Who said that the green,blue and white one was the kaita of wisdom?

I assumed that was implied
considering the g1 kaita of wisdom had those colours, same elements n such

it would honestly make no sense to change them around

but hey, its your moc I guess?

You are right it is the colours of wisdom but then again gold is the new colour of ice if you remove kopakas sheld he is mostly gold.

Yeah no.
By that logic every element in G1’s colour is silver.

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Not realy if you remove their weapon they are mostly ther right colours.

Tahu Mistika disagrees with you.
Plus there’s more white and silver, the colours of ice, on Kopaka then gold anyway.

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First of all three is only thrre spors of silver on him and if you remove his shild he is like 50% gold and there is silver on him as well. And yes mistika tahu had a lott mor silver but mistika tahu and gali are like the only ones that had that.

Just because Kopaka has gold on him doesn’t mean it’s the colour of ice.
Does the protector of ice have gold?

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Does the protector have elemental power no they adapt to the enviroment.

You seriously think that gold, which half of the Toa have is the colour of ice. :unamused:


That’s not what boders me half the toa has gold and for two of them it makes sens you could find gold ore deep in the earth,fire can have a golden/yeloowish glow to it but how is gold asosieted whit ice?