Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

Apparently I can have an AMA now so, y’know, ask me stuff!

No question is too weird but lots can be creepy so don’t be a creeper. No one likes Creepers especially when they blow up your house and you lose everything… those jerks.


First, y’all.
Who’s your favorite superhero?
Are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man?
Am I a good artist?
If so, how can I improve?

(I have been dying to ask these questions, as you can tell.)


What’s your favorite dragon book?
Other than dragons, what is your favorite mythical creature?

what was the first digital drawing you made?
and why “PrplDragon”?

How does it feel to be the best member of ttv? Also what are somethings you like to do other than drawing?

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If you were in a zombie apocalypse situation and had to choose one TTV cast member to be your partner, who would you choose and why?

Do you really breathe fire and smoke?

Are you really in Egypt? I’m kinda confused on that part…

  1. UUuhhhh…idk. As far as Marvel goes, I like Captain America.
  2. Team Prpl Cap
  3. You are if you believe you are.
  4. Practice and tutorials. Don’t stop drawing. Ever.
  1. The How To Train Your Dragon series probably. It’s the only book series I’ve read 90% of the books for. (though tbh i haven’t caught up with it in years ;_:wink:
  2. Wendigos! They’re really eerie and creepy. 0v0
  1. Some stupid Club Penguin fan art that I can’t seem to find anymore (probably for the best).
  2. Purple is my favorite color and dragons are my favorite animal/creature
  1. it feels da best :sunglasses: ew wth is that emoji?? what happened to the old one it was way better >:U
  2. Not really. I write comics but those will inevitably involve drawing.

@Kahi because he’d just talk all the zombies to death

I breathe fire but I don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs, kids.

At the time of this response, no. I travel back and forth sometimes, but I spend a majority of the year in the U.S. Void.


Why do you wanna be a mod?

it sucks


What’s your favorite game in recent memory?

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Do you secretly read my stories on my dA page?

If you were given the choice/power to either add or remove something from the message boards, what would it be and why?

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So uh…

  1. Do you think Var will ever buy you that Frappé? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Which Bionicle set is your favorite overall?

  3. Which system line is your favorite besides Ninjago?

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I just want the powers tbh.

Undertale. I like, rarely play games though.

I didn’t even know you had a dA so no.

I’d add an :emo: emoticon that’s just my face.

  1. Only if I go to Brickfair, but since I can’t, probably not.
  2. In G2 it’s currently Terak (he’s so adorable), but that may or may not change depending on how cool Umarak Destroyer is. As far as G1 goes, I have no idea tbh.
  3. Legends of Chima. I loved the minifigures so much and the designs of the vehicles and buildings were really creative.
    I would say Vikings ('cause of the dragons obviously) but for whatever reason I never actually bought any of the sets…I still regret it. u_u

I guess that makes sense…

WE HAVE THE POWAH!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Which one of the TTV member do you dislike the most?

What is your faveorite movie?

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Which line would you say you are more devoted to? Bionicle or Ninjago?

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Question #1: Do you own any G1 BIONICLE sets? (I feel like this is something I should know already lol)
Question #2: Would you ever consider playing Ace Attorney?
Question #3: What do you think is the biggest thing Lego has done right in regards to BIONICLE G2 thus far?
Question #4: What are your personal hopes for the Ninjago movie as far as plot and relation to the TV show are concerned?

thanx 4 answering mi questionz u rok prpl



It’s right there.