Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

What powers does your purple dragon have?
Fire breath? Poison darts? DEATH BY PRPL?!

So should I use custom hair?

uuuuuuuhhhhh idk
var and meso i guess

Oooh i like poison darts
i pictured it like a Needler from Halo lol

its your project, dude, you can make your own decisions


Yes, but I want to make mocs who are liked by the subjects official guys!

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What happens when you switch bodies with me?

do you know of any good bands?

Favorite music band?

Who is your favourite trooper?


Do you like Megaman?

Who is Megaman?

What you don't know about the Blue Bomber is? The Fighting Robot know as Mega Man a.k.a. Rock Man?



-Set it Off
-Icon for Hire
-Koda SC
-The Neighborhood
-Glass Animals

Linkin Park tbh

you ; )



Honestly, that was a creepy question.

Actually you are right, I should to ask it in the first place.

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What's your top 5 songs you listen to


What NES-Playstaion 2 Era games do you like?

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No. :neutral_face:

Which of Ninjago's ninja and their allies would you say you guys at TTV correlate with (or at least yourself)?

Also, Tommy A's recently been dropping Twitter-bombs on season 8. If you've seen them, any hype or thoughts?

I think you forgot cryoshell. :slight_smile:

Why do I still have the second most replies on this post???

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