Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

Hey @PrplDragon do you see any big scary ogres in your school?

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Will you do a face reveal?


What kind of video games do you like?

rate these pancakes

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why? were you at my school?

Pokemon and Overwatch

(meh they're ok, not a fan of the walnuts(?))


They where pecans IIRC (either way you wouldn't of tasted them because of all the other stuff on there)

Do you have any drawing tips for artsy-type people like myself? (Sorry if this has been asked before)

Well you should. Its an all around good show, but the reason I ask you in particular is because it may or may not involve dragons at some point in the series.


should i listen to the voices in my head?


Hey @prpldragon ever want to hosted a art series?

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I want to make a self-moc for some from TTV cast, for you too. Suggestions?

uuuhh idk
just keep drawing or w/e

depends on what theyre saying

sorta yeah

a literal purple dragon
(though i'd be curious to see if you could translate my persona into lego)


Have you ever read "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" (or any other Douglas Adams books really)?
It's good


What's your favorite matoran again?

Hey, as the resident webcomic maker, any advice for someone considering getting into making webcomics? Particularly story driven comics?

@prpldragon: I have an idea! How about make hair from quiling? It will look cool, and I will stick it with glue by the mask and head, but I have a problem: what mask should I use? I have never seen an image with your self-moc.
Also, what is your favorite color beside purple?

nah, i like... never read books

search "matoran" in this topic and you'll find it

Tbh you just kinda... do it. You don't have to post it publicly or anything, but overthinking things is the best way to kill your comic before it starts.
You could also make little comic strips to help you get an idea of your world+characters.

I guess lol.

  1. Kraahkan, but idk if putting actual hair on a mask would really look good...?
  2. Black, then teal
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if you were in a Kaita or fusion, who would you prefer from the cast to be with in one?

Is happiness a warm gun?