Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

Did you know that a group of Dragons is technically called a "Thunder?"

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Will you date this man?


Hey @prpldragon what's your favorite Christmas Special?

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Have you watched Voltron Legendary Defender?

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No, also I'm assuming they already finished considering the ask is a month old.

  1. I drew traditionally (on paper) nonstop for like, ever, but I've been doing digital art for about 4 years now.

  2. Hobby.

My mom's Rddragon.


are you insane


Yeah, binge-watched it a while ago.


What did you think of it?

Will the 366 Days of Art be done again in 2017, hopefully with more involvement?


Did you ever say why you went on hiatus?

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Hey prpl, why aren't you lightish red?

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What do you think of this video

It was ok. Not the type of thing I'd rewatch though.


I'm assuming this has to do with Prpl's Drpls, but the main reason is cuz i don't feel like working on that comic.

Cuz that's lame.


Your face is lame.

Did you ever buy those megablocks dragon sets

What do ya think of this?

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1 @prpldragon are you secretly a servent of ra
2 zues or king tut both batman villans just search them up
3 are you a kid or a squid #squidanivversery

Do you think love should be canon in the Matoran Universe?

Do you ever tire of inane questions ?


How's it feel to be in a post 366 days of art world?

YEAH I HAVE A TON OF THEM but they're all in Egypt...

  1. no
  2. they both look like dweebs tbh
  3. bruh im a dragon

Only if it was handled properly. I really hate poorly done romance subplots cough ninjago rebooted cough

eh, im more bothered by repeated questions

i feel so empty now


Have you ever watched Transformers Prime?

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