Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

Do you think that it would be cool if the Ninjago movie was in the same universe as the Lego movie?

Or do you think it would ruin the whole thing and you're already not super interested in it to begin with and you think ninjago is lame and are still salty about G2's cancellation

Out of curiosity, since I know you like Undertale, have you seen Sr Pelo's Underpants series? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever felt like the least valuable part of a team?

What's your opinion on fanon stories?

Have you ever tried to write a story, willingly, that is?

Of your comics, which are you most proud of. (And would suggest I read through)

Who is the smelliest cast member?

Least favorite art style?

If you were watching a fight between a blender with no blade and a bear without teeth or claws, who'd you help out and why?


What song do you personally not like?


I sorta like Elves because of the dragons.

Our sarcasm clicks p well (as seen in the Undertale LP).

  1. Roodaka and Mata Nui
  2. A couple, favorite wave being the Savage Planet ones (the wolf helmet thing looked like a dragon so).

Technically yes, though they were just part of a bulk parts lots I got a long time ago. They're ok.

I've had a month to look people up but didn't bother to so tbh idk.

  1. Yeah depending on how it like, works n stuff.
  2. are you Meso incarnate

No, nor do I want to.

  1. Yes
  2. 90% of the time they're cheesy self insert romance things but I've read some great stories before.
  3. If I allocate time and effort into writing, I'll get writer's block. But if I'm half asleep at 4am then I'll come up with like several story arcs for multiple stories.

Read them all, currently most proud of Drananigons since it's the most decent one.


Idk how to describe it but there've been some artists whose styles are kinda gross. Like the content isn't gross/inappropriate but the way it's drawn is just....wth.....

The bear because that blender's probably possessed like wth why is it moving?? (Assuming it even moves).

There's a lot of specific songs but I really dislike country and club music.
And country club music.


Unless you call sitting still "moving", then no.

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Story of my life.


Wait, you didn't go to brickfair...

How do you know that...?

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Do you listen to EDM?

Should I order a burrito or a soft taco from Taco Bell?

What do you do for your birthdays

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You just have to be in call with him like, once to know that.


Soft Taco

Eat cherry pie and thats p much it.

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So you concede to the side of cherry candy, then!

Hey @Prpldragon, want be in the Purple/Black Day Games?

How long did it take for you to become good at drawing/painting (digitally or physically)? Was it something you were good at from an early age or just a favorite hobby that you honed over time?

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Are there more colored dragons in your family?