Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

Cute, but I think it need some sort of background so she isn't floating in the void again.

Creeping in My Soul

Well if purple's the primary, then:
Primary: Purple
Secondary: Black
Highlight: Bright teal / cyan

but my favorite general color scheme is this:

Primary: Black
Secondary: Purple
Highlight: Bright teal / cyan

  1. Fly to school instead of driving.
  2. I don't really think Egyptians like Pharoahs too much honestly. That's more of a stereotype thing that's used to get tourists to by cheesy merch.

No TTV comic plans have been made. I only work on my own comics at the moment.

Just my real name. I don't really like fancy ruler titles.
Also please don't call me princess.

not really

  1. Whenever I can afford it + it's actually in stores. It wasn't at TRU last I checked so that kinda sucked. :T
  2. Nah, there's no need.

Never was going to. It just snowballed off the pharaoh discussion with Kiixaar.

Then you could've flown to Virginia. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. What're your thoughts on the Elder Dragons recently added to Dragonvale? What about the dark one?

  2. What're you currently most excited for?


Would you kill Eljay if he spilled a Frappuccino just to spite you?

  1. What's your personal favorite Bionicle set? (Out of both generations)
  2. Who's your favorite cast member of the TTV podcast? (Yes, you're allowed to say yourself)
  3. Who's your least favorite cast member of the TTV podcast?
  4. Are you getting tired of answering all these questions?

What's your least favorite trait about Var?


are you ever thinking of doing art of what you think the Fly scene would look like from the TTV Brickfair Podcast?


Did you enter the Makuta Contest?

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Opinion of Dubstep and Dream Pop?

Can you do a ranking of all of the emojis on the boards, in which you would express your disdain for all of them?

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So this showed up in discord

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  1. most of them are pretty meh tbh except the dark dragon which is the obvious best
  2. well i was excited for some stickers i bought from myself but those have already arrived so idk


  1. Terak
  2. idk meso's pretty cool
  3. takuma
  4. only the repeats

idk he's kind of condescending sometimes


yeah but just with a derpy quick moc

Dubstep is tolerable in moderation, never heard Dream Pop.

They all suck except for :exx:

Yeah that's just some new discord thing where it shows all your friends on it now. I think it also does it with Skype and Twitch.


Yes, yes it is. :thumbsup:


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Hey @prpldragon want be part of a biker gang?

Do you like any other system lines beside Ninjago?

Since some did least favourite then what you're favourite thing about Var?

What are your favorite Bionicle titans?

Did you get any HF sets, and if so what were your favorites?

Do you have any of the Throwbots/Slizers and what are your thoughts on them?

It's mostly what Grimes does, if you've heard of her.

What would you say is the best and worst casting choice for the ninjago movie?