Prpl's Super Ultimate AMA Extravaganza!

What is your opinion on the (now over) overwatch summer games?

If you could punch one cast member who would it be?

All my regrets.


What is your favorite Muppet?

They do more than just Potatoes? :scream: (Sorry about the Necropost, the new scroll system jumped me to this post)
Also Prpl what's your opinion on Winter? (The Season)

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Have you ever played in any sports? And if so, what was your worst loss that you can remember?



They were ok. I like a few of the skins, but for the most part they're were sorta boring. Lucioball got old after a few games.


idk i guess gonzo

I like snow days but the snow itself gets annoying, especially when you have to drive a half hour to and from class every day.

  1. Archery and marching band (yes it counts).
  2. A couple years ago in marching band, we lost 1st place by a tenth of a point. Veeerrry frustrating considering we were beat by our arch-rival.

Well, that's just depressing.

Dang Straight!
Drumline FTW


What do you think of this Tracer drawing?

Favourite piece of Bionicle music, whether it be from movies, games, advertising, etc?

What is your favorite accent or secondary color in a color scheme that utilizes purple as a primary?

You suddenly gain all the powers of your Self-MOC, what do you do? Take over Egypt and instate yourself as Pharaoh? Or something more funny?

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But Egypt doesn't have Pharaohs anymore...

Has there, and is there a possibility/consideration of TTV/Pandemic Panda hosting your art, or specifically comics as a part or product of the company? I consider myself a fan of pennyarcade, and I've also really enjoyed drananigons so far, so I can't help but wonder if TTV would ever utilize your skill set in that department to create content in the comic/comicstrip medium similar to PA? It's kind of an off-the-wall question, but It seems like there's a real potential for your art to be used more regularly within the sphere of Pandemic Panda, even If it's not TTV related, and I was wondering if there were any plans for something similar to that.

She would re-institute the Pharaohship, I guess. (or whatever it's called, besides, you can't tell me that there is a better title for an Egyptian ruler than "Pharaoh.")

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Never said that. Pharaoh Prpl is better than like "Queen Prpl" or "Empress Prpl". Princess Prpl has a nice ring to it though.

@prpldragon If you were a ruler of a country or something, what would you want to be called?

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Hey @prpldragon, want to be Mayor of Wintersville? A.k.a. My Upcoming LEGO City.

Do you plan on picking up the Dragon Sanctuary?
If so, do you plan on picking up more than one? (It's the one with the purple Dragon BTW)