Quervetus, Toa of the Green

An ancient Toa of the Green.

He is so old that his original armor and tissue had begun to disintegrate. He used his power over the green to craft armor and tissue from it. He has had to replace so much of his original form, he is more plant than Toa. This is something of an advantage, for he can easily heal himself if he is wounded in battle.

The grey represents the bones/armor of his original form; the metallic green represents where the plant life and his original armor are beginning to blur; the brown and the light green represent the plant life.

His weapon is made of black wood and thorns, so he can shift it from a glaive (hand-to-hand fighting) into a bow (long-range).

To emphasize his age and wisdom, I gave him a Turaga-esque appearance from the side.

His name comes from the Latin words for old and oak.

Inspired by Treebeard, from Lord of the Rings.


I think the beard is just a bit too clunky. Like, it sticks out unnaturally.

Otherwise, I like his appearance overall.


Nice. Very big and burly like he should be. Though I would remove the Tarduk claws, for they don't look like convincing plant matter.


Nice feet. 9/10


I agree with Nyran


The beard looks a little off, though not for the reason Nyran gave, and the claws on the shoulders make his shoulders a little gappy, but otherwise, a great moc.

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This makes me want to make a titan MOC again...

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Getting a nice Swamp Thing vibe mate, this is a pretty dang cool MOC

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I like the use of olive green. Also, seven-toed feet; truly a superhuman.


Two things:
1) That weapon is a scythe, not a glaive. A glaive has a thick, knife-like blade pointing the same way as the staff. Rotate the blade 90° and thicken it so it is about 4x the shaft width, and it will be a glaive.
2) The torso is entirely brown, while the arms are entirely green. You should balance it out more.
Otherwise, great! It even has SHREEDER CLAWS on the shoulders!


So it's not a glaive, then. It's a two-ended scythe.

I'm pretty sure it's a bunch of pieces of plastic representing a made up weapon, I think he can call it a glaive if he wants to.


I disagree. Sketching a sword and calling it a spear doesn't make it a spear. Same goes with this one.