Quest for the Masks of Power

Welcome to Quest for the Masks, a text based forum game that revolves around reading clues presented to you and making the correct choices based on them.

You are a member of a group of adventurers who have left your village well before the arrival of the Toa. Your quest is to find the ancient elemental masks of power; masks that were created by Ekimu and Makuta before the two brothers disappeared. These masks will prove instrumental in defending your village from the evil Skull Spider army that has been unleashed on the island of Okoto.

Gameplay revolves around a fairly simple concept. Each “round,” you and your fellow adventurers will be presented with a choice, and several clues to help you make that choice. The choice could be anything from picking one of two passages to journey down, to attempting to defeat an enemy in one of several way, to choosing one of several solutions to a puzzle. With that said, the main way this game differs from most group “choose your own adventure” games is that all of the choices made are entirely individual. You are not casting a vote for an entire group; rather, you are making a choice for yourself. In this way, each member of the adventuring party will make choices for themselves, as opposed to one group acting in cohesion.

What this means is that, as the game goes on, the group will almost assuredly be whittled down to smaller and smaller numbers. Use the clues provided in the scene to try and boost your chances of survival

Making the wrong choice will almost always result in death. Victory, meanwhile, is achieved by someone from the group surviving until the end. Should one of you survive, you will return to your village as a hero. Should you fail, you will die and your village will likely be overrun by Skull Spiders within a matter of days.

The quest for the masks…begins now.


  1. I will announce the time limit for making your decision at the start of each round. If you do not make a decision by the time is up, your choice will be determined by an RNG (in the case of choosing a pathway or something similar), or you will instantly be killed (in the case of encountering an enemy/trap). Generally speaking, you’ll have 24 hours to make a decision, though that may be extended. I will also announce if not submitting a decision will respond in instant death or an RNG choice
  2. The number of rounds you will have to survive to win will vary on how many people are signed up
  3. All TTV/Forum rules apply
  4. If you die, you cannot ask questions/give advice for the rest of the area’s exploration
  5. In some cases, you will be able to make your choice earlier than the deadline. In those cases, please PM me that you are doing so.


  1. Legionarius_Slime
  2. HewkiiDaKohliiHead
  3. TFM101
  4. Hawkflight
  5. Takua
  6. Willess12
  7. Seto_Kaiba
  8. Eljay
  9. Marendex_117
  10. Oonie
  11. Artahka
  12. Corex11
  13. Chro
  14. OculusNuva
  15. Nicholas Vantastic
  16. AutobotParaki
  17. Leoxandar_Magnus
  18. ScissorKnightofRainbows
  19. UmbraManis
  20. ColdGoldLazarus



This sounds cool

I’ll sign up

Sign me up.

I will sign up as well.

I’ll take a stab at this

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Sign me up!

I’ll sign up for this.

I was hoping this would be a thing! I’m in!

I’m down for this! Sign me up!

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I would not be against participating in this endeavor.

I’m going to take few liberties and, based on that, put you into the game. =p


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I’d like to try this out!

I’ll sign up, this sounds fun

I shall participate in this adventure! I wanted to be #11 T_T sucks to be me.

Sounds interesting. Sign me up.

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