Question About Bionicle Story

What was the matoran universe? Were all the islands on different islands or was the universe one big island?

The Mata Nui robot housed all the islands besides the island Mata Nui, which appeared over its face. Metru Nui was inside the head, and Voya Nui broke through its chest after it crashed on Aqua Magna.

so there were no planets involved? just the robot with water covering him?

Thanks bro.

The only planet was Bara Magna, which has now turned into Spherus Magna after Aqua and Bota Magna were reunited with it.

But what I'm asking is was the matoran universe on aqua magna or was it just a universe with water hah

No, Matoran Universe crashed on Aqua Magna, the water planet.

Ok. Thanks! I've just wondered it for a while and need to be cleared up.


The end. stuck_out_tongue

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