Question About Reactions

So I was looking through a topic, and I saw this:
Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 5.26.29 PM
In the past was it possible to react with any emoji? Was the feature exclusive to mods? Does the feature still exist, and if not, why was it removed?

EDIT: I saw this in the Spongebob topic, and the post was made in 2017.

I don’t remember ever seeing any reaction emojis other than the ones already there. In the past, this wasn’t even a feature.

When reactions were first introduced by the board’s host provider, it was any emoji. Then TTV limited it to just a few. So yeah, you could use any reaction for a few hours.


Wait so if you use it you can only use it for a short time after?

No, I mean it was only an option for a few hours after reactions were first introduced, then it was limited to the ones available now.