Question about Toa of opposite genders

Like orde being the only male amongst the female Ce-Matoran and Toa of Psionics, is it possible that there are others like him in other elements? Like a female amongst the male Bo-Matoran and Toa of The Green for example. If so, how many did the Great Beings built?
Thank you for your time, Mr. Greg.


I believe it is stated in the yesterday quest that after ordes “failure” the Ce matoran were made female and all other elements followed suit.

We are not sure if Great beings made other toa in between orde and helryx but most likely they followed their own elements and genders.


Greg has previously said that it is possible for there to be other exceptions to the rule, but he was unwilling to specify whether or not there definitively are:


There’s also the answer to this question here that says there is no reason there can’t be more exceptions: