Radrix, Self-MOC

I admit, my self-MOC was far too similar to the 2008 set, so I decided to remake him AGAIN. I want to update the backstory soon AGAIN And make it better. Hope you enjoy!

White background:


Now THIS is a good SM.

I gotta say, this is pretty great. The only thing I can think of is to use a white background and better lighting, in order to make the details more visible.

oh, and

Edited the title for unnecessary stuff~Meep

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Looks pretty great! Definitely not an Antroz rip-off! Could you post a picture of the back?

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Of course,thanks, I’ll post one as quick as I can

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Please use a white background so that we can see the moc better.
Color scheme is great btw

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Thanks, I’ll update it later

Now that I can see it, I can give some proper feedback.

The axe looks really cool, and the sword does from the side (too bada the fingers can’t wrap around them). The upper legs are unique, though they look a little Technic-y from the back. Some people like that, I personally don’t, but it’s all up to opinion. The lower legs look great from the front, but when he turns around… I like his torso, but I know open socket joints are usually a con to people.

I can tell this guy was meant to be seen from one angle, and he does fairly well for that angle.

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Nice MOC, I like his weapons. Also, is it just the lighting or is the mask in a darker red than his body?

tbh, I would have rather you figured out a unique concept for him before ditching all the Antroz similarities. He looks kinda bland now, as well as a bit skinny + uncovered shoulders. You ought to add in a contrasting color like the trans-orange from the previous. The axe looks good though.

I think you should change the mask
Like, to Kalmah’s or Vultraz’s

Vultraz’ mask probably would look pretty good on him, and since Radrix is a Toa the Mask of Scavenging would fit better than the visually sinister Jutlin.

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