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This one goes by the name of the Mechanical Minotaur

I’ve finally got some plastic shelves, so that I can easily look through my bionicle pieces. As a result, this one didn’t take long at all - that and the fact I had a clear idea of what I wanted to make and what parts. Well, anyway, I don’t have the best backstory of this one, because all he does is protect a maze (original right)

No one knows much about this mechanical monster, all they know is, that it was built by someone to protect this maze. Whoever the creator is, they did a darn good job as no one yet has survived this monster.

Just occurred to me, @LoganMcOwen you may find this one interesting? I know you like bulls and such.


This is a strange this one

Ok basically, me and my friend are having a little MOC exercise thing where every week we build a MOC around one piece, a word or an idea. The thing this week was the ever hated Knights Kingdom’s head piece. I was gonna go for a space marine look, but it just ended up looking like Knight’s Kingdom rebooted.

I tried to make it as humanely possible and I think it worked in some places, but other places are just a bit weak.


dat poofy chest tho XD

but otherwise this ain’t bad.


You should’ve seen what it looked like before I changed it! But yeah, I wanted to make it so it kinda looked like a human wearing armour.

The Vulture

First of all, Shotgun credit to: @ToaOrrel

This mechanical bird man was born to protect a very small island and it’s Matoran villagers. He was good keeping the island safe and used his Komau to good use. Until one day Dark Umbra (before she joined Gamma Team) tried to assassinate him. The reason for Dark Umbra’s attempted killing is unknown. The battle between the two left The Vulture wingless, maskless and missing an arm. While he hid wounded in a hole, Dark Umbra slaughter all the villagers and took off.

It was only years later when Gamma Team’s ship landed nearby, that The Vulture crawled out of his hole. Ragged found him and took him up to the ship. Once on the ship he was granted with a new arm and weapon. Just as he was revived, he spotted Dark Umbra in the other room and charged at her. After a scrap where they sustained no damage, just a couple of dents, The Vulture demanded they go to a planet to find a special artefact. Gamma Team discussed this idea and thought ‘why not’. As soon as they arrived on the planet, they were under attack. Metal spears being thrown at the ship and lasers firing everywhere.

The Vulture, Orkney, “Red”, Imp and Umbra all got out and Ragged flew the ship off to somewhere safe. Gamma Team easily fought their way through this army and charged through to the temple. Once inside, The Vulture ran up to the podium with a mask on it. The Vulture put on this mask. This mask was the Kraahkan. Imp aimed to fire at The Vulture, but he was thrown far into the ground by The Vulture’s power. Dark Umbra contacted Ragged, saying “Imp is down”. When Imp’s down, you know things got real. During the battle of The Vulture Makuta and Gamma Team, the ground was raised and Imp was released. Imp was so full of rage, he uppercutted The Vulture high into the sky, into space and out into the galaxy.


Thanks for the credit!
It’s pretty good, actually. The only thing I would change is the mask doesn’t really fit the rest of the MoC in my opinion.
Otherwise, really neat.

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Not sure how I feel about the sheer narrowness of the shoulders, but it’s an interesting idea.

The leg chains are cool, and the wings are surprisingly good, considering their components.


I wanted to make it look like the sort of ruffle of fur around the neck of a vulture?

I could’ve made them a little less narrow tho, you’re right…

(also thank you so much, those wings were a nightmare to make)


This is just a random Toa Metru. I made this because I wanted to use my black Miru and metru gold.

Fun fact: I stole this black miru off my cousin! The very cousins that bought me my first bionicle…

Don’t have a backstory for this gal, sorry about that.


It’s female?


yes? is there a problem?

I guess it’s not a problem, as it is hard to distinguish.

Now that I look at it, it can be considered a female.

The only problem is that The body type for the Toa Metru was multi-gender looking.

Because of this, most people, like myself, just assume that a Metru body, is male.

So, in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with your MOC. It is just surprising for us to see it as a female. :smiley:

Happy building!


I’ll make sure to add nuva shoulder boobs, so you can tell it’s a female next time.



Those never look good! Like I said earlier, your MOC is fine, just surprising to be a female.

But, please, I beg you, don’t use the Nuva shoulder pads!

(Please note: This is all my opinion. And, whatever you like is whatever you like. And, like I said before, Happy Building :smiley: )



and ok thanks!


Nice! this is a prime example of using official builds, yet using good color, mask, and armor choices to make it look amazing. My only complaint is the lime on the swords. perhaps the glow-in-the-dark ones from atakus would work better.


I would like to argue that the lime works better because it matches the eyes. If it was glow-in-the-dark colored, it wouldn’t match any other color. I feel it looks like energy-flow. Just my thoughts.

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I will chip in and say, the eyes used to be blue, but I changed it because of the weapon choice :smiley:


True. I just wish that we got a skrall blade without a colored center.