Rahkshi Kaita Power Ideas

Anyone have any ideas for what powers Rahkshi Kaitas might have in addition to their component powers? I’m going to assume that the controlling Kraata determines that power unless Greg answers my question on the Ask Greg forum and either confirms it or says otherwise, so, going by that, what powers might a Kaita have if a Slow, Sleep, Mind Reading, Limited Invulnerability, or Adaptation Kraata is controlling it? These are just to start, we’ll start working on more after these are answered.

I’ve an idea, however I chose their powers by fusion basis, instead of by kraata. How well each individual ability would compliment another determined my partnering kaita forms. Here is my list-

  1. Fear-Poison-Anger: Cyclone, can turn itself into a living cyclone.
  2. Disintegration-Fragmentation-Hunger: Energy absorption/emission, can absorb incoming energy blasts and then re-release them elsewhere.
  3. Weather Control-Chain Lightning-Cyclone: Animation, can create storm beasts.
  4. Elasticity-Shape Shifting-Chameleon: Split Body, can split its body into six separate pieces.
  5. Heat Vision-Laser Vision-Power Scream: Piercing, can emit a concentrated blast that expands after passing through a target.
  6. Illusion-Quick Healing-Sleep: Mist Effect, can create a mist around itself that causes everything inside it to be effected by the kaita’s abilities.
  7. Teleportation-Stasis Field-Adaptation: Illusion Clone, leaves behind a holographic clone of itself that acts autonomously every time it teleports.
  8. Gravity-Sonics-Magnetism: Trap, can create an invisible, zamor-like ball of gravity/sonic/magnetic energies that explodes upon contact.
  9. Electricity-Vacuum-Plasma: Shroud, can surround itself with a forcefield of energy. It is not as strong as any shielding power but is more versatile.
  10. Fire Resistance-Ice Resistance-Limited Invulnerability: Increase Weight, can make itself extremely heavy at will.
  11. Mind Reading-Accuracy-Dodge: Analysis, can understand a target’s weaknesses and strengths with little observation time.
  12. Darkness-Silence-Confusion: Erasing, can permanently remove the short-term memories of a target.
  13. Plant Control-Rahi Control-Insect Control: Chimera, can fuse the plants, insects, and rahi it controls to create new creatures. These fusions only last as long as the kaita remains.
  14. Inorganic Molecular Disruption-Density Control-Slow: Thrust, can release kinetic energy all around its body which can be used for maneuvering or defense.

There’s my ideas. I’m not 100% honed on some powers or the kaita partnering, but I tried to come up with something that would at least be entertaining. Anybody else have ideas or comments on this topic?

-Really? Nobody else has any input?

I feel like a kaita can be formed from any three Rahkshi. As such, there would be many more possible kaita than those you’ve created here.

That being said, the ones that you have created have really good powers, and they really make sense with the original powers of the individual Rahkshi.

One of the things that made the set forms of the kaita neat was the unique body shapes. I would be really interested to see even more crazy builds for these kaita. If the sets existed, of course.

The Split Body would be really cool. Maybe change the power so that it only splits into three parts, and then give the set combiner three-way symmetry and the ability to split.

EDIT: Wait a second, a kaita splitting into three parts is just splitting the kaita back into its components. For it to actually have an advantageous power, it would have to split into more than three parts, as you originally had it.