Rahkshi Kaita Vey

“Created through the fusion of Lerahk, Turahk, and Panrahk, Rahkshi Kaita Vey is a force to be feared! In addition to the powers of Poison, Fear, and Fragmentation, this Kaita emits a toxic aura around itself. Depending on proximity to this aura, a victim will experience varying levels of illness and panic attacks.”

Created for @Takutanuva’s community project Let’s Build Rahkshi Kaita.

The upper torsos are more stable that you’d think they’d be. The legs can hold the weight, but only selectively. Obviously, you mileage may very depending on your 20-year-old pieces.




This connection is why I prefer MOCing physically, rather than digitally. I never would’ve thought of it otherwise.

And… I have all these pieces leftover.

It was a fun project, and I’m happy with the results. Thanks for checking it out!


Interesting… wouldn’t want to come across that in dark place…

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I like it! Some real eldritch horror vibes


Bizzare. I like it!

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This is certainly unique, and I like that.

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