Rainbow Six - Doc


"Try not to get yourselves hurt "

This is Gustave, also known as Doc from rainbow six siege, he is a defender that belongs to the GIGN forces, he comes equipped with an MP5 with an ACOG scope, a nightstick Not seen in the game but I wanted to give him one, and a stim pistol, which he uses to heal his comrades



This looks awesome, could we see more pictures?

there are more on flickr, but Ill post them here if you want

It looks like a guy from the swat team
I really like the guns

it’s based on this guy

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très bien

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I don’t know anything about the source material, but this looks really nice.
The weapons are well done as well.

it’s an operator that you can play as in the game called “Rainbow Six Siege”

oh also, thank you all that said nice things about the moc, really appreciate it

pretty cool, really accurate to what it’s based off of


thank you Benjamin,

The build is heavily rely on existing SW building technique but it still defy itself from what it suppose to represent in CCBS form.

Its actually kinda complex when ylu remove the chest armor, not that complex but still