Rap community of the Message Boards

Hey out there guys, Eddie here,
Let’s see how we do appear
We should make a Rap “battle” thread
And there test
Who is the best

I call on someone to moderate us,
If it gets out of hand, they could just
Shut the topic down, make us forget
The awful things we here just said.

What do you guys think, would this work,
Or am I just too big of a nerd,
Let’s test the rhyming here of us all,
So we could make sense during the fall,
The summer, the spring and the winter,
Let’s hope we don’t get hurt by the splinter! (Holy moly, that was a crapy rhyme…)


probably not the best idea, but if it happens I’m down to rap lol


Well, I’m not a fan o’ rap,
Yes that’s true,
But when this topic gets going
It’ll be a hullabaloo.

my puny attempt


So this Is Like the Cypher
Then here comes the great Divider
Then here comes @Whaddon rushing in like a boulder
Say are the speakers broken?
let me give you my solder as I carry you on my shoulders
now just remember one thing
Rapping is all in the mind
and I am calling out @Political_Slime

also can we call people out to rap next @DG_Eddie?


Oh no…


Oh dear lord @DG_Eddie what have you started.


i have mass
i’m in class
i’m not going to rap
cause then i’ll get flak


But you just did!
Wait you have mass, what the heck is mass?

@GIF.Man.Ben Mass is the amount of matter in an object,
And to this topic, I don’t really object.
I mean, It’s not like this is abject
Terror in total affect!
(Insert mic drop here,
Even though pretty soon there’ll be even more to hear.)


A simple Google search will tell you that mass
Is the amount of matter that any object has.


That was well done.
To bad I have none.
I will see you guy’s at one.
Oh no soon everything will be undone.

Here lies this topic in all his gory glory,
Let us spread the word among the Agori,
Bionicle was almost two years old,
It has finally come back in fold!

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The only rap I’ve ever actually listened to is Beastie Boys.


watch guis

i can rap 2

i rappin

u aintin

i kno moar

u not is in da core

and @PekekoaOfJungle sucks

[Mic Drop]



Yo yo Piraka!..?


The moderator guy
He is in charge of the double time,
Edited the title name
He is the too much numbered name

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The topic is quite controversial
Might be even more so than prpl
So i’d say we keep our rappin in the low-low
Or else we’ll get banished and go solo
Even if our mods here are quite mellow
Spam and thoughtlessness should be a no-no
If that 'aint true than my name 'aint Rockho


We should extend our reach beyond and
Call in the mighty and certain Lord @Mesonak
If he could join us in the rappin’
I would be almost quite certain
He would say something to us members
That each n’ every one of us remembers

There are some neat little rhymes you’ve got over here.
But pass the mic and watch me rap like Shakespeare.
Long plot, fancy words, and an unfortunate death.
I’m afraid you’ll be gone like poor Macbeth.
I don’t play with my food I immediately act.
Scene one is start of my rap attack.
Are you ready for this sharp-tongued duel?
I advise you stock up on rhyming fuel.


What’cha mean, Meso?
I gotta a rhyme for you with Vessel.

@IllustriousVar the king of the raps,
They record on skype, but nothing with Fraps,
I have used bandicam before Fraps,
An both of them were craps!
If you are grammar nazi, turn off the Caps
Lock, 'cuz you’re gonna have a bad aftermath,
Double posting is a forbidden pleasure,
Even for @Kahi the Lawyer on Leisure.