Rarest LEGO parts/sets/minifigs/polybags you own

I am want to know what are the rarest parts, sets, minifigs, or polybags that you own. They can be from any theme, eighter which you used to own or that you still own. As far as I go, I have Toa Iruini from 2005, and this two odd polybags:

i don’t know exactly how rare this thing is, but only 24 brickset members seem to own this set, so I am going to assume is rare.I got it from a LEGO store promotion, so I don’t know why it seems that so few people own this thing. And my other polybag:

Only 37 members seem to own this thing, so I assume is rare, even though I got it the same way as the other one, I don’t know why few people would own it.

Anyway,what about you? What is the rarest LEGO you have or used to have?

(This topic is about all LEGO, not a specific theme)

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