Ratchet and clank

so anyone plays ratchet and clank? anyone? am I alone? but in all seriousness ratchet and clank and kingdom hearts are the first games I ever fully played through, other games I never really finished… But onto the actual discussion the 3 was the first I played, and now I have all of them except all for one which to me looked horrible, oh and a crack in time and tools of destruction were my fav

has anyone else played the series?

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The first one I played was the original game on the PlayStation 2. I played up to a certain world where I got stuck. Still haven’t beat it. I bought the second game and have never played it. I got All 4 One with my PS3 and beat that. It was fun, but I know that it’s not exactly the usual R&C fare.
Also, if you like this series, you would probably like the Jak and Daxter games. Go play them, they are awesome.

I never said I didnt play the jak and daxter games

I know, but I wanted to bring it up just in case you hadn’t played them, and also as a general message to the public. :slight_smile:

they are really cool games (we dont speak of the lost frontier)

i playd that games

I literally just got done chunking through Up Your Arsenal again. I stopped at Kavu Island and I’ll pick it up when I feel like playing video games again.

My favorite games are all PS2 era as that’s the most experience I have with video games. They are Jak and Daxter>Sly Cooper>Ratchet And Clank. To see them all in Playstaytion All Stars was a real treat. And True to form, Jak is the character I always did the best with in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just posted a MOC that’s relevant to this thread. Please have a look. :smiley:

Nice work dude

also if anyone ever played into the nexus and finished it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enhLnypLy5U this is one of the coolest things ever

I’ve been a fan of the Ratchet & Clank games for a long time. I started with a demo of the first one when we had to buy a new PS2 (the old one had broke), and I just loved it. Since then I got Up Your Arsenal, and at this date I’ve played most of the games with the exception of Tools of Destruction and a few spin-offs like Secret Agent Clank and All 4 One.

secret agent clank is pretty awesome and tod is really good also my old PS2 from when it first came out still works to this very day which is amazing

Mine does to. Sony knows how to make a good game console. It doesn’t crap out on you after a few years. mines one of the first gen PS2s and I got mine a few months after they came out, and its a little finicky, but it still works. <3

I also a still have a first-gen PS2, but it’s my second one; first one broke. I still use it and don’t plan on ever getting rid of it.

god my second ps2 that my brother got for me (he had the other one) broke instantly…it sucked…but at least he got the ps3 and I got the ps2

The first one is the first game I ever played and I still love it to this day. I think up your arsenal is my favorite. Those games and jak and daxter were my childhood in a nutshell.


Only 2 and 3 quarters months to go!!!

Oh I found it.

My bad.

Anyhow, clip released.

Getting pretty stoked for this movie, and the game. Hopefully it is financially successful at the box office so people will recognize it as the first good video game movie. Otherwise Warcraft or Assassin’s Creed (if they turn out to be good) will take the title without deserving it.


So James Arnold Taylor has some Ratchet behind-the-scenes stuff from Wondercon.

More stuff will be uploaded throughout the month leading up to the film’s release, as well.