Rate the avatar of the user above you

How dare you.

Spooky gold man is vaguely intimidating/10

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Enlarged it looks fine but looking at it normally is kinda scary.

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Mustard surfer/10

Romaniball /9

Spooky bat gas man/10

It was a meh movie but at least it’s no longer weaboo/10

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Those sets were pretty neat but I’m biased/10

anime dud /4

comic makooti the bionic man’s cousin/2

Slender Kopaka with red tie/10

Mistika again

Blind alien /5

Comic Image/10

Spongebob is unable to comprehend the unbelievable awesomeness that is King of Monsters, and is driven to madness.

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Mystery man/10


Spongebob looking at a movie poster/10

@meepinater you didn’t rate it

A roboto-dude /6

Chest launcher dude/10