Rate the profile header of the user above you

Rate the profile header of the user above you. frankly, i’m surprised this doesn’t already exist!

you’re too obsessed with that letter/10

Toa Uniters/10

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The twentieth letter/10

The Toa Team of mediocrity/10

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Sounds like something a bri’ish meme would say

Sounds like something a yankee doodle dee meme would say/10

something saying letter “T”/10

a wild party/10

Zorkian madness/10

The glorious symbol of Al: ALUCUS/10

Weird beverage/10

this is already a thing

and quite frankly, you’ve all already posted there.



aren’t user cards and profile headers different things?

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I thought that “user cards” were the boxes that pop up when you click on someone’s username

although like most rating topics, this topic is kind of poop

so did i, profile headers are the things that show up when you go to someones profile right?

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Yeah that’s what I thought as well

has both a user card and a profile header
doesn’t know the difference



I don’t exactly look a profiles a lot and I forget

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big horizon/10