Rebellion of Destiny (Bionicle Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2)


Here is my entry for the Bionicle Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard, Part 2.

So, a little context and explanation to my entry:

Overall, I wanted to depict the Toa Hagah in the scene that defined their entire further lives and the lives of everyone in the Matoran Universe. As soon as I heard this contest was going to be a group shot, I’ve had this idea in my head. I’m really happy with how it came together. I also really found it important that everything pictured here is from existing canon, from the Makuta fortress to even the Rahi bird.
For their metallic colors I tried the 1/1/1/1/1/1 and 3/3 distributions, but eventually the 2/2/2 distribution turned out to be visually the nicest in my opinion. Because of this 2/2/2 distribution, I also tried to do this for the speartips and for the masks, to really bring the team together.

Norik and Iruini don’t need much explanation.

I really liked the model and I loved the idea of giving him a little Rahi bird. I tried all kinds of metallic colors. Gunmetal didn’t really fit for me personally, and gold made him look like a Toa of light. The metallic blue from the MOC was the nicest, so I kept it.

I love the chunky build, I liked to colors, so I really didn’t change anything about him either. Mask stayed the same Faxon variant by Galva (Heroes of The Lost [MASK PACK #5] by Galva - Thingiverse)

I really liked the build of this MOC, I loved how the legs, the shoulders armor, the tubes and even the speartip really gave off a water-vibe, so I kept those. The mask I changed into one of my own design, that I also used for my original entry. I did this because this mask really fits Gaaki for me. A picture of this is below.

I was in love with the knight-like appearance of the MOC and because the mask and speartip were allowed to be changed, I gave him the most knight-like mask I know: the Kanohi Arthron. I used the one from Galva (Heroes of The Lost [MASK PACK #5] by Galva - Thingiverse) to make him fit nicely with Bomonga. The speartip was changed to one of Takadox’ tools, so he fits with Gaaki (both have 2007 speartips). I also changed his metallic color to metallic blue, because of two reasons. One, I think metallic blue looks really nice on a Toa of stone. Second, I went for the 2/2/2 distribution, and didn’t like the “dirty snow” feeling that a gunmetal Kualus gave me.

I am really happy with how this drawing turned out and I hope you like it too!

Gaaki’s mask:



Despite the fact that I want a 3-3 gold silver split, yours really makes the blue look a lot better. :wink:


Blouks for the win. Pretty neat artwork.


This is the exact color distribution that I wanted to see! Also, I like how the Kanohi Arthron looks next to Pouks’ shoulder armor.

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The fish-like mask really fits with the general aquatic vibe of the moc. Great job.

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I like that you brought your old mask back for Gaaki

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Gaaki’s mask is lovely. Plus it’s always nice to see Blouks. Very nice art, good luck!

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Things I like:

Little Roodaka.
Ambiguous Bomonga limbs.
Kualus Rahi
Pouks finally has a good spear tip.
Iruini looks mettalic green.

Things I dislike

Gaaki’s mask looks kinda goofy. Too fishy for me.
Blue Pouks.


I mean, you changed Iruini’s color.

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I think it’s just a greenish gold, it looks like the same colour as the Avohkii.

It’s a significant enough difference to FDG that it has to be intentional, and i cannot for the life of me understand why you would choose that color for gold. It’s… hardly even yellow. It looks like pea soup.


Thanks for all the comments, I’m glad many of you like it!

It is indeed just gold. He is the exact same gold as the Avohkii and Bomonga in this drawing. I think it’s to do with the lighting I chose for this scene. Thanks for the feedback.
EDIT: I also noticed for some reason it looks a lot more golden on my pc screen than when I load this page on my phone. Strange difference.

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I really like pouks having a arthron, the shaping work really well with his shoulders, I don’t like that kualas’s spear is very blank, maybe a line going up through the middle would change that? But other all very good!


Gaaki’s mask feel a bit… too fish-like for me, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Everything else I really like here! The Arthron suits Pouks well and I like the use of the existing Makuta Fortress design.


Gaaki’s and Kualus’ masks look too much alike


As a celebration for the end of the Toa Hagah contest, I wanted to redo my entry, and I wanted to share it with you guys on here.
It wasn’t much of a redo, mostly recolors and changing some things people had suggested, but hey, I really felt like doing it anyway.
I really like SpectreL’s winning entry, it really makes the Toa Hagah pop!