Reclaiming Iden Nui Act II

The Forge is in uproar, the people are crying out for protection. Bo-calix and his Hagah try their best to calm the population. The Toa assist, promising that they will get their new home and that the cultists will be defeated.
Some matoran talk about the cultist’s leader, Way-finder. They say it might be better to join him, rather than suffer here.

Rodemakoki walks up to the platform and shouts into the crowd,
Who is a fool?! Who is a wiseman?! Trust these toa-heroes, have they not done enough?

The toa look at the Chronicler, they take an oath in front of the crowds, promising that they will protect them and hep them into their new homes. The question is, can only two toa accomplish the feat?

Kravo wanders into an alley he punches the metal wall, scraping his fist. IT wasn’t supposed to be this way. Ta-aki wasn’t supposed to die. Vomahiki walks up, and sighs,
“You’ll never accomplish your goals like that, friend.”
Kravo sighs,
“It times like this I wish I was faster. Yes, I know my mask power and the stone I safeguard. How long will this unrest last? It’s been this way since we came back.”
Vomahki looks into the sky, it’s full of dull, grey, heavy clouds,
“I don’t know. What’s your plan?”
Kravo spits at the wall,
“I’m going to the fire region, another reclaiming…gather all who’ll come with us.”
Vomahiki nods and leaves. Tobduk, known as Tobya walks to Kravo.
“Kravo, how long has it been?”
He chuckles,
“I remember you, before you were blue and white, how long has it been since you found that stone?”
Kravo looks at Tobduk and scowls,
“It be best if you forget the past”
He walks into the crowd. There posters, hung on the metal walls, calling available matoran to join the Chronicler on his quest. A matoran, pulls the poster off and smiles,
“After that cult attack I need something better to do.”
Rett walks into the crowd, watching the Chronicler Rodemakoki.

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Whatiri all the while, was making sure he could stay as close to the toa as he could.

Vladin was waiting to go in the next Region.

Vomahiki walks up to Vladin,
“Kravo is going to the fire region soon, it’s up to you if you go or stay here.”
He pauses,
“One more thing, it’s only going to be more difficult from here on out.”

Rett spots Whatiri, he waves.

The Toa seem rather occupied with the other matoran, it’s an absolute mess.

“Nah, I’ll help ya.”

Vomahiki nods,
“We’ll meet at the south gate at dusk.”
He walks away.


“South gate at dusk,” Lync repeats. “I’ll be there.”

Eric just nods silently and begins waiting. With an hour or so left until dusk he begins to make his way there.

After a few hours most of the crowd left the stage. The toa were exhausted from dealing with the crowd of matoran.
Kravo looks out to the horizon, the jungle region was before him and the fire region was to his left. He’s at the south gate. Vomahiki joins him, looking at the sunset.

Hurikan walks to the south gate.

The toa head off with Bo-calix, talking about a few things.

Rett notices a few matoran heading towards to the South Gate. He walks up to them, asking,
“Is this the Chronicler’s group? I was thinking of joining.”
Kravo looks at him,
“I’m afraid it’s not, but we’re going to reclaim the next region, the fire region.”
Vomahiki stretches, checking the number of the people with them. Rett sighs,
“Good luck with that, I’m going to find that Chonicler, I heard we’re searching the jungle region. Also after the recent cultist attacks, there’s been a few spots to fill in the hagan or what ever Bo-calix called them…now that I think of it…I think it was Hagah.”
He leaves heading to the barracks. His footsteps were light, but stiff as if something he saw had scared him recently.

Rodemakoki and Tobduk look over their volunteer list, so far…only two volunteers. Whatiri and some matoran named Rett, their journey will be difficult.

Bo-calix welcomes the toa into the Hagah Armed Base of Operations and Tactics or HABOT for short. They discuss their plans to deal with the cultists and their cult leader, Way-finder.


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