Reclaiming Nuiwar: Part II

Last we left our heroes, they were about to break into the wall’s watchtowers to steal magical contraband…

Fobend stopped. “Ready?” He asked.

Jason nodded.

Alex stopped by the storm drain. “I was told to wait for a minute after the signal.”


Lorens nods, following Jason.

Palacus checks his bow before continuing with the rest of his group.

Fobend waits for more replies. He readies his one hand in the air.

Lauren stops a few paces behind him. “What’s the signal?” she ‘whispers’, adjusting her grip on her tome.

Bailey brings his vial of blood out, instead of having it tucked underneath his clothes.

Fobend figures everyone is ready.

A powerful blast of force erupts from his hand, unseen, but definitely heard. It blasts the storm drain into the ceiling. “Go!” He yells.

Alex hears the boom. “I’m guessing that.”

Lauren nods in agreement. “That would make sense.”

Lorens runs forward, wielding both his broadswords. He runs in front of the guards.

Bradley enters, fully clad in his armor and being an intimidating sight for anyone inside the room.

Fobend goes into the room, a level of exhaustion already present, though not enough to hinder normal fighting quite yet. Guards start to enter the room. He readies his chains.

Jason follows suit, drawing his sword and shield.

Alex silently waits.

Lorens charges the guards, holding his swords in front of him.

Bradley pulls out his sword and waits for a guard to approach.

Fobend charged in, flailing his chains at the guards.

Jason ran in and started a sword fight with a guard.

OOC: Distraction Team, I would appreciate you guys taking control of the guards you’re fighting as well, to make things easier. All I ask is you make them put up a fight.

Alex climbed up to the storm drain and started to unscrew it, so to let them in.

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Palacus readies his bow so that he can attack if someone were to surprise attack them.

Alex looks at him. “Good idea.” He lefts up the grate and moves it to the side so they can get through. He motions for the others to follow.

Fobend wraps a guard up in his chain, then throws him into another guard.

Jason blocks a sword strike with his shield, then hits the inside of the elbow holding the blade with the pommel of his sword, then thrust into the guard’s face, turning to find another opponent.

“Yeah, I’m full of ever-great deep-thinking Ideas!” Palacus comments keeping his bow in a ready to shot position.

Alex put a finger up to his lip after his ears perk up. He quietly sneaks over to a set of stairs.

“Looks like it’s ever-down we’re heading.” Palacus states quietly seeing the stairs

Lornes strikes at a guard’s shield, aiming not to hurt the guard, with his left sword fans striking at another guard.