Regarding "time travel" in Time Trap

Good morning/evening. As of late, time travel has become a bit of a hot subject, especially with Ninjago (the latest season has been focused around it, which has worked out about as well as one might expect) and I’ve noticed the topics around here regarding it.

In Time Trap, Krakua manages to send a message seemingly back through time to inform Vakama of his task of sending the Toa Inika off on their quest. As time travel isn’t allowed/possible in the MU, I was curious if you could shed some light on this mechanic and if this does or does not count as a form of time travel, albeit only if in a message.

I understand that in the end, Nokama actually ended up sending the Inika off, so there weren’t any paradoxes or anything, just curious on the thought process behind it. Thank you!


I don’t consider that to be time travel. If, for example, you send a message out into space, it might take centuries or longer to reach another planet. The message isn’t time traveling, it’s just the nature of the distances involved. So we have to consider how Krakua sent that message – was he speaking “live” to Vakama from the future, or was the message somehow recorded in the ether and triggered? If it was live, how did that work? Is Krakua alive in the future, or did he perish and some part of his AI survived to provide that message? It’s a good subject for debate.


That’s an interesting thought. I didn’t consider it time travel either until a discussion I had with another cast member. His claim was roughly that since it was a message from the future, it had to have been sent “back” and in doing so, affect the past through interaction, seeing as Krakua spoke to Vakama.

Granted, in the end, it didn’t change anything due to Vakama not sending the Inika on their way. So is there room for the possibility that it was merely part of the illusion? Possibly a side effect of Vakama’s “visions?”