Reki,the Hybrid Dragonknight

Hello there,my name is Reokai,and i'm here to show you my first ever moc, Reki the Hybrid Dragonknight!
This guy was a bit tough to make,mainly because i wanted to give him that samurai kinda look and also to find a favorable way to make him look slim and slender at the torso,and bulky everywhere else.
The back was a bi**h to make,even though the photos don't show it.The horn-things there were a bit hard to attach.
For this guy i wanted to use a consistent color scheme.I used for the most part black and blue,even though there are a few other colors there as well.The mask was a tough choice but i sticked with the Pehkui for this guy.
So,here it is.
For the most part i'm happy how this guy turned out to be.
Who knows,maybe one day Ven will feauture him in the MOC Spotlight smiley

EDIT: I updated this guy a lot.
For pictures look below.


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Thank you,i will post a few things and then i will update this post.

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Ok,i included the images.
So what do you thinK?

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mmhm the problem i have is not with the moc but with ccbs. when you dont have any plate on it it looks very bad. that ball thats on ther pices looks really out of pace for me atleast. I like the consept of your moc but i think you can add more stuff to it so it dosent look so slenderish. I know you wanted to make him look slenderish, but thats just my opinion.

Sorry for all the misspelling i have dyslexia.

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This is my favourite moc on the boards.


Honestly, the MOC itself is okay, but what I find disturbing is the lack of CCBS platting/shells. The MOC looks incredibly bare. Any chance of possibly adding armor? That's my only gripe.


It's ok,thx for the feedback!
Personally i don't like all the bulk that the CCBS uses,and i really like the torso piece,so i left him without any chest-plate on.
I tried to add more things to the torso,but i didn't like how he looked like so i just left it that way.I added those small blue pieces though.They help the color scheme a lot and the torso doesn't look so empty anymore.

@Carrot8o Really? Woah,thank you so much man!

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@Ventum Armor,no.
I tried adding some armor pieces,but i didn't like the look of it and i abandoned them.
I may try to add a few more technic pieces though.

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Going to be honest
it was a bit of a joke

Sorry if that hurt your feelings

like ventum said
The moc itself is okay.
But its a bit too thin
and boney.


Was just an idea. Just do what ever means possible to thicken it up in that case. Best of luck with MOCing!

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Hehe,thx man! smile

Yeah i know the filöling man, when you build some thing but you aren't quite satisfied and you just try every thing but you still ain't satisfied. Good luck trying to make his as you want him to be.


I like this, the color scheme is a good choice and the build does look interesting. It could use a little bit more work, but all in all: I like it.

Thx man smile

@TheMetalMachineDuckDragon Thx smile

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Going off of what @TheMetalMachineDuckDragon said,

If you stick one of these pieces on the back and attach the horns to it, you can use the ball on the torso to attach an armor shell like normal. That would make it look much better.

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Thx for the suggestion.However i gave this guy a massive update last evening,and i will put some images here in a couple of hours,right now i am busy with homework.

Alright,so last evening i gave this guy a massive update.
First of all,i fixed the torso issue.
I originally wanted just to add those grey shoulder plates,but i couldn't find a favourable way to attach them and make the torso look good at the same time.And since i already broke the blue-black color scheme with those pieces and the mask,i was like "what the hell? let's put a chestplate there as well".I picked the Hordika chestplate and i needed to somehow attach it to the shoulder plates,which i did,but still,the torso locked horrible inside,so i added some more pieces there as well.
I also modified the back build a bit,and now is more organized and clean looking.
I added some small armor pieces on some other places too.
So,here it is!

Overall,i'm pretty happy with his current look and i think i will keep him that way.
This is my first complex moc and i really hope that he looks good.
One of the things that i wanted to prove with this guy is that the CCBS can blend well with the old building system.Have i succeded?
EDIT: For yet another update,look below.