Renaming yourself to something else

So like
I notice

lot's of people enjoy changing their names
Including me

But like
Not sure if anyone realises this

but do you know how annoying it is to see someone with both a new avatar, and a completely different name, and having to figure out who they are

my suggestion here, is quite simple
Leave your gosh darn original username, in your user description or under your name thing

and if yes, I know there is a username topic
But I dislike having to search through different posts daily just to see who this one single user is
Honestly it grinds my gears

and yes, I have changed my profile pic, and my name
but notice a pattern?
Pot8o, Carrot8o, Ghost8o

also I am tired and I cannot think of a proper title name
I am also not sure if this should go under community, but I am kinda suggesting a rule?


My other name is listed as Willess13. Usually, I only change my username or my avatar, rather than both. Exceptions being April Fools and my Sarten stint, which I did in an effort to make no one recognize me.

Dude, I had to change my username because World of Warcraft created a enemy that used my old username. I didn't want to be identified with WOW and my old username wasn't really original.

Plus it's my account. I can do whatever I want with it.

I apologize for my tone, but I have a legitimate reason for changing my username and I stand by the ability to change it as I see fit.


... Well I announced (Like many) that I changed my username and who I am.

People who change names are skrubs
~Makuta Matoro
~Makuta Verakion


I did include my old username in my description stuck_out_tongue I think I'm clear from this annoyance you have

Here's to never changing usernames!

Well maybe I wouldn't have to keep changing my name if those dang police officers would stop knocking at my door!


I only change my name for special occasions.

I don't change names.
I change profile pics.

Sometimes I change my Username.
Because of how I feel.

I try not to change my username, and only change my profile picture.

Only on special days (like April Fool's Day) do I change my username.

I've only changed my name twice: when I first came on the site and was trying out names, and then April Fools day. I'm considering to doing it again soon, but not at the moment.


For a short while, I was AutobotPakari. Get it. Autobot as in Prime. Pakari as in my profile pic, which is always a Pakari Mistika.

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My other names are in my description, because if anyone wants to know my other name(s); they could just go to the bottom of my description; and click on the spoiler tag

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SO THATS WHO YOU WERE BEFORE!!!!I can't believe I didn't realize you were Veltrax.


and why are you going on about WOW?
any reason?

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Did you not read my reply?

I brought it up because it was one of the main reasons why I changed my username. Do not make me repeat myself.

You are completely missing the point of this topic.

I am talking about joke renames on this boardsite

Its annoying to see someone with a different name each couple days.

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Well why didn't you specify that when you made the post? You need to be specific when talking about these subjects. There is not a single part where your topic mentions jokes. Plus this in the "site" category. How was I supposed to know what you actually refering to? If i missed that part in the initial topic, feel free to point it out to me.