"Revamp" the Scavenged Collector (90th Anniversary Entry)

“Your parts no longer belong to you, they’re mine!”–“Revamp”

The imaginative rebuilder has once again taken on a scavenger form, hunting for new parts. Taking whatever he can find and add to his collection to create newer and better forms. Though this time, he may have to go outside and start using another system to survive…

And with that fun melodrama done with, this is my entry into the LEGO Ideas 90th Anniversary: Bionicle Theme Celebrations! Boy is that long title. This was more my backup idea as my primary entries ideas were taking too long to finish, but I’ll complete and release those eventually.

But the Dark Hunters are my favorite part of Bionicle and I think they represent the best aspect of the series - Lego encouraged creativity blending the fan’s creations into official canon. Story, sets, and MOCs put together in…well, mostly harmony. So here we have “Revamp” walking around with a backpack full of parts from Lego’s various constraction lines, towing the line of representation for all of them.

General Body:


Without backpack


Entry Link:

I don’t expect this to win, but I wanted to at least enter in something. At least I’ll have more time to work on the other ideas now.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about those popsicle sticks, those are official Lego elements. They can be found in a few sets, but I believe the Structured Set is the main one.


I have a soft spot for Junkyard-looking Bionicle mocs. Nice job!


Yeah I really like how many constraction parts you put into the backpack, plus the moc itself looks pretty good. I like the face build.


oh my
that is cool


Really smart design. Good job.


It’s cool to see some seldom-used parts like the intake piece on the face and the crane scoop pieces on the feet. I didn’t know that those popsicle stick pieces even existed!