Reveal of Gali's lack of powers [Worldbuilding] [Pitch] [Characters] [Story]

Hello! This is my second short story! The first one being HERE.
I was intrigued by the idea TTV fleshed out on the previous podcast, so I decided to write a little story about it. I can say that it is definitely not perfect, the first one being much better, the reason being that here I was copying someone else’s pitch instead of making my own, but I hope you will still like it.
The idea itself is by TTV! I only added the second part.

A smirk appeared behind a wooden mask. It was the only one among hundreds of terrified faces, all eyes looking on that giant tentacled monster.

“Go on.” a voice sharp as coral reefs and silent as tide sounded. The monster’s giant hand slammed into one of the Naho ships, ripping it apart, sending it’s remains to the depths of Naho Bay.

A female voice raged above all the screams, shouting orders to Nahoan sailors. They were no use, the monster quickly grabbed the ships, one by one, slamming them back to the ocean, into one another, ripping them to pieces. It was different. It was alien.

“How would Akida allow this to venture these sacred waters?” Kivoda wondered. This creature is not of her divine hands. This was created by someone else. A god of madness, he must have been. A sane god would not have the mind to make such monster.
A sharp laugh sounded behind her, it was like a blade, cutting through her. When she turned around though, there was nothing but a shadow.

“Get the harpoons! Shoot it down! Kill it!” strong voice of Helryx shouted commands. Kivoda knew what to do. She quickly ran to the large harpoon-launcher and set it into position, meanwhile two other Matoran loaded a giant harpoon.

The ship turned around, but when Kivoda wanted to shoot at the monster, it was suddenly gone. It wasn’t in the front, neither in the back, all were confused.

A giant hand slammed into the ship, ripped the harpoon launcher from it’s deck, launching it into one of the other ships of the Nahoan fleet.
Kivoda then saw that giant, ugly face. Giant yellow eyes, no nose nor ears, skin like an octopus and mouth full of giant tentacles. One of them found a way to an arbiter to her left, grabbing him and pulling him away from the ship.

“Help! Somebody save me!”

She has to help him, she just has to save him. That was the only thing that she thought of. “I… I will save you!” she shouted, but saving him had to wait, for another tentacle wrapped around her leg.

“Help me! Use your power over the waters! Help!” the arbiter pleaded for help, how much he was surprised when the answer came.

“I… I don’t have any elemental powers…” the answer was quiet and hesitant, yet the whole ship heared it. And now it was silence.

All silence but screeches of the tentacled monster and a silent, sharp laugh, coming from the shadows.

“You… You what?” it was the voice of Helryx. She heared it after a big axe split the tentacle that was wrapped around her leg in two.

One pair of eyes was full of surprise and disbelief, the other streaming with tears and overflowing with fear. The warrior shook her head. “Go below the deck. Your services are no longer required.”

Sounds of weeps rang among the screams of Nahoans above her. Why? Why did she say it? Helryx could’ve saved that Matoran and she would only have to explain her hesitance, not why she does not have the powers.

And now, she was here, sitting in darkness, exiled with only shadow being her companion. Even with that, though, she felt a pair of eyes, nested upon her face. “What do you want?!” she cried out.

“What do I want? Many things, things you would never dream of, things your imagination would not be able to create.” the voice was alien to her. Mystical, different, scary. It was sharp yet quiet, calm yet offensive.

“Who are you?!” she turned around, seeing a figure appear from shadows. It was tall, more than she was, dressed in simple beige and orange cloak, symbols engraved upon it. She did not recognize them at first, but then she made out the shape of the isle of Arthaka.
There was a cape over it’s head, face hiding behind a wooden mask. It was too, decorated with symbols and ornates, all of ancient sacred markings of Naho’s long lost ancient language.
Nokama? She thought, the high priestess dressed in such robes, yet she was small, this figure towered over her like a mast.

“Who are you? How did you get abord this ship? I do not think I saw you getting here.” her voice was full of fear.

“Questions and questions. Them, I hear always. Answers to them, it is harder to get.”

“I don’t like riddles!”

“A riddle?” voice of screeches came from behind the carved wood. It was so similar to the terrible sounds of that monster, which was fighting with the ships above right now.

“A riddle you won’t get, a question, you get to ask.” it walked around her like a shadow, moving not like a being but a wave, floating on the wooden floor.

“Who are you?” that terrible laugh came again. Stop it, please, stop!

“My name would not mean a thing to you, my dear. I heard some call me a Prophet.”

“Prophet of what?!” the figure raised it’s hand, a finger saying “no”.

“One question, you got to ask, I too, have one.” the Prophet stopped right in front of her, knelt, so they were the same hight. If it had some eyes, they were black as night, dead. Fear creeped into her voice, as it was reading her mind, her thoughts, her wishes.

“What do you want, above all else?” the Prophet tilted his head, staring deep into Kivoda. She hesitated, thought about it.

“To have elemental powers. To be like all the others. To never be hated for what I am. To be a proper matoran.” she found herself revealing all her secrets to this stranger, one she never met, one she did not like.
Somehow, the smile behind the mask was noticed. Kivoda did not know, how.

“Why are you laughing! Why did I even tell you that?!” the gaze was split, her eyes turning to the ground. She was confused, full of fear, of uncertainty.

“Granted, one will be. The rest, earn, you will have to.” the Prophet said, drifting back to shadows, disappearing like it never was there.

Thank you very much for reading! I will be glad for any feedback!