Revenge of the Skull Spiders novel takes place with Protectors when Toa out there reviving Ekimu

Now I have just got Revenge of the skull Spiders and I am reading parts by parts in each chapters like I did in Island of lost masks. Now with Revenge of the Skull Spiders, sounds like it is going to concentrate with the protectors of their side of the Story in the Journey, I'm in Chapter 1 still, the story is interesting, and when I was reading the back of the cover, it said the Protectors gets an ally, now later when I read more of it, that ally is maybe Ekimu coming to the Protectors for help when the Toa are out on their journey, or the ally could be someone else, so I am going to be interested with the Protectors for more on their backstory and I love to know in future years when the new Okoto Trilogy, in 2018 the new story could be about the Protectors been Toa, like for example, the Toa Metru, they were Matoran to Toa to Turaga.

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