Rikktus "Omzhare" Kaleon, Akonian General

A decorated war hero feared by the enemy, infamous for striking from the shadows where the enemy is weakest.

Born from the union of Hynak and Akonian during the Hynak Wars, Rikkt was an outcast from both, until Merryn and Tazzim took the child in as one of their own. He lived in the village of Orgo Hul, on the very edge of Akonian-occupied territory on Sampa Minor. Merryn and Tazzim already had two children of their own - Harren and Mezzin.

Because of his hynak side, Rikkt was taller and stronger than a normal akonian. He also matured and aged far more quickly, catching up and passing his adoptive older siblings, and acting like a big brother to them.

As another war with the hynaks brewed, Rikkt joined up with the army. He was selected for a project which aimed to unlock his ancestral Toa powers. It partially succeeded, and Rikkt gained powers over shadow. He was also augmented with various other biomechanical systems to make him a better warrior.

Rikkt revealed a powerful tactical mind a keen ability to move unseen when needed. He spent the majority of the war tied to a stealth team which engaged in sabotage runs, cutting hynak supply lines, disabling technology, intercepting communications and occasionally assassinating targets.

After the war, he moved on to campaigns across e'Lekaia, though none were quite as bad as the Hynak Wars. To the Hynaks he was known as "Omzhare" (Teeth from the Shadows) because of the way he and his men would appear from nowhere and strike.

For commanding a force that kept back the Cyclonoid hordes at bay during the first contact in millenia with the isolated Planetsiders, Rikktus was promoted to the rank of general.

For his missions, he was equipped with a suit that was able to completely block any sort of energy leaving his body. It rendered him undetectable, though would cook him alive with extended use. He also had a special armour-piercing knife, a more common stealth field generator, a nanite-based data spike able to override security systems, and a pistol that fired bolts of energy that destabilised the target in time.

At the start of the Hynak Rebellion, Omzhare brought his ship, the Fist of Elisara, to Orgo Hul to evacuate the population, and was forced to burn the village to prevent the spread of the incexplicably hostile Krak'hann hordes which had joined forces with the hynaks.

Reunited with Harren and bringing the people of his home village to safety, the Fist made rendezvous with Callidan's ship. Compromised by this apparently simple action defending his people, Omzhare was imprisoned, and Callidan revealed himself to be the instigator of the rebellion. With Omzhare out of the way, he could focus on his true mission...

Omzhare was made in late 2010... since I started university in 2012, I really haven't had much chance to make too many MOCs, but before then I had a large number!

More about e'Lekaia and Omzhare's people to come later. His storyline takes place long after Korrothis arrives, in Atmos Magna.

His hand design is by Cameron G.

He also appears in Wintermist (Harren)'s backstory in the game Champions Online and has a model I made for him, though he's been dead for nearly 7 years after crashing on Earth.

Alas, yes, blue and red pins. :I


The planet where he hails from is too similar to "Anamis", or am I just hallucinating?

Nice build, Gringat. You made an awesome creation, yet again.

Never heard of it.

Here it is (shameless plug)

Uhhh... right. I don't see how this is relevant?

Really cool MOC. The head is particularly effective, with the use of the mahri visor in combination with the rahkshi head.

I really love the backstory man and nice moc you really pulled off the whole big cyborg warrior thing.

It's old, and there seems to be a heavy reliance on technic. I'm a little confused, though, is he supposed to be part of the BIONICLE universe?

He's part of a storyline of mine which carries on from my own Bionicle AU, the Cyclic Plane, though it's perfectly able to stand on its own.


Not a fan of this MOC. It doesn't really flow very well and seems somewhat awkward. The colours are also pretty bland.

I know it's just a trick of the light, but I really like the white dot on the visor. It reminds me of a glowing eye.

I got to say this looks great.
Though I wish there's some more blue than this.