Risebell's Self MOC Improvement topic

Final Version:

Alright, so this was originally a topic to show off my new self MOC. It was in need of many improvements, so now it's a topic geared more so towards improving it.
Most up to date version:
Rhys 3.3

Rhys 3.2

Rhys 3.1, minor edits from the original 3.0.

Link to Risebell 2.0
Link to Risebell 1.0 (Shudders)

This moc looks great and is definetly a step up from 2.0.
His torso is very well built and the upper legs look solid, as his arms and hands. Minor gripe could be the inika lower legs as they kind of stand out of the look and style of the moc.
The rest is good and solid looking.


I've actually had a similar idea running for a while now, but I've never had the parts to build a MOC representation of him.

Nice MOC.



But as for the MOC, I like it. it's really cool. In fact, I'd say it's..... rl gr8 m8. But I did like your old self-MOC a lot more. black guy with Pakari kneecaps wiill always be how I see you.

Hold on,. he has blue nipples. I take it back. this is is Toa of manliness and exceeds anything you've ever done.


So I'm thinking of a cool mask power, since having a Miru Nuva doesn't make sense and is pointless, and I'm thinking the mask of intangibility would be pretty dang Dandy.




Indeed, it's pretty refreshing to see it in blue. I couldn't tell you how long the mask has been gathering dust in a canister, nice to finally use it for something.

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Wish I had one... I just have a Blue Akaku nuva I find quite ugly.

well done

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Is it now tradition for all your self-MOCs to have masks for knee caps? stuck_out_tongue

Pretty cool all in all.

It might phase out of existence as it gets updated.


Very cool moc!

Could use just a tiny bit more silver and his arms are a little thin looking but I like his body design, well I usually like custom body designs if they don't look awkward

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Torso's awesome, upper arms are good, hands are fine, feet work well for what they are. Not feeling the legs so much (admittedly it's the Ruru armor that's throwing me off). Forearms stand out because, from the front, they're the only instance of trans-orange that can be seen; I understand that it complements the eyes but to do that both would need to be visible at once, IMO.
Awesome start! (Almost forgot - I like the choice of mask, too! I've got a blue Miru Nuva... hm)


Looks nice so far

Blue is interesting, and the inclusion of blue nipples is strange

The arms and legs look a little weak tho

he seems to have a slight case of Onya syndrome with the wide shoulders, but it works. The only thing, is why does the topic say he is a toa of Psionics of the actual posts make no mention of that element whatsoever, instead referring to him a a ga-toa?

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It's up in the air, I have yet to decide what element stuck_out_tongue
I just wanted a to make something with Blue armor, because Blue's an extraordinary color.


how about
its not a toa?

Seriously, why not?

a male toa of lightning?


actually, that sounds pretty legit.

This guy knows where it's at. I'm one of the few people on the boards with a non-bionicle related Self-MOC...you should join. :smile: