Rise's GALIDOR mocs

This is my topic for posting GALIDOR mocs.

After Allegra was seperated from the others on Drejaal Vin she nearly met her end. Thankfully she was saved from the debris and rebuilt into a cybernetic warrior. Now, she fights against Gorm’s gladiators in the arenas as Allegra Battle Angel. She is the hero the Outer Dimenion needs, but not the one it deserves.

Constructive criticism only pelase :open_hands:

Yes feed me more burgers, I hunger.


All I’m going to say is…
It’s unique. One of a kind. SOmething never done before
You have gone where no moccist has gone before. And also successfully fueled my nightmares for a solid week.
In all seriousness, though, this is pretty cool.


In all seriousness on my end, this was all inspired by ToothDominoes and PrinceGalidor/Nick Vas’s GALIDOR mocs they were both posting to their respective twitter accounts last year. During BrickFair 2018 at the GALIDOR table they were kind enough to lend their parts out for people to build with and further inspire others. Being one of those, I hope to do the same for you.

Thank you! I hope that with this topic I can maybe change people’s minds on GALIDOR and convince them it’s a good theme. It’s very enjoyable for making quick mocs and generating unique ideas.

The spectacular sculpting of GALIDOR’s limited selection of parts gives way to a lot of inspiration. The term “Creative limitation” is probably the most positive thing I can attribute to GALIDOR as a theme.


By Galidor standards, this MOC is great.


Haha. that is an ugly angel

I didn’t mean it’s, it’s just funny.


Wow! Great MOC. It goes to show people can do wonderful things with a small piece count.


This is the best and only Galidor MOC I’ve ever seen on this site.


You will get to see many, many more.


I love Galidor, it’s not the same as the SNOT boxes TLG peddles to us year after year.


There are no boogers nor snot involved here, yes


I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar enough with Galidor to tell if a Galidor MOC is good or not, but this is sufficiently novel and nightmarish enough that I like it.

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This is one of the best GALIDOR mocs ever made.

Burgers emoji.


I like it! I’m not sure how well the longer arm works, but if that’s the intent of the design I see no problem!

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Thank you!

I actually liked the idea of a cyborg Allegra so much I took the time to sketch as much to really fully expound on the concept

Hopefully you can see why I like GALIDOR so much. No, seriously, this topic isn’t a joke.

GALIDOR to me is actually a really fun, cathartic way to make mocs. All the pieces are just so specialized its a fun challenge to use them in weird and different ways. It’s also great for generating ideas thanks to how quickly you can piece something zany together.

All the weird molding of the parts really gives so, so much visual information its easy to get inspired to draw, like I did here. Hopefully this drawing fully conveys what I ‘see’ with this moc.


Ooni-Heart was a myth, a legend. A glinch to be forgotten by time, a warrior who glinched her arm for the head of an Ooni. A millennia ago she was imprisoned on Kek for a crime she did not commit. After her subsequent escape from the prison she disappeared without a trace.

Now, with Gorm’s stranglehold of the Outer Dimension nearly complete, Ooni-Heart has emerged from the pages of history to challenge Gorm’s reign and restore truth and order.


This looks like Jar-Jar got fed up with the corrupt senate and took matters into his own hands


A portal into GALIDOR opens! On the otherside… An alternate Outer Dimension, with an alternate Nick who sided with Gorm. This Nick has mastered Gorm’s powers of illusion, with an advanced Kek Powerizer only amplifying those illusions to glinch reality to his will. How will GALIDOR survive?


I love these! So unique each of them are

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This is definitely the best one out of the three you’ve made so far

97 more to go~