Roast each other’s quotes

Simple game, respond to the message above you, and roast their quote. After that, leave a quote if your choosing at the bottom of your message.

“Be yourself.”

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Or don’t, you’re weird.

“Be Ghid.”


Words to live by.

“Bee bo bop”

The dialogue feels robotic.

“I feel like doing something hot and spicy.”


“Fudge Muffins that hurt!”

Euphemisms do nothing but make you look like a wimp.

“My pet cheetah’s quicker in the studio than on his feet”


ew you like twenty-one pilots

“Feeling sick of myself, think I’ll try to be someone else”

Ew you only listen to music you got from other people

"La Croix is unironically the work of the devil

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Factually incorrect

“Tea is unironically the work of the devil”

Factually correct

“Kakapolice! This man is about to BIONICLE!”

I can’t even roast that.

“I can make a religion out of this!”

No don’t.


Not anymore there’s a blanket.

“I heard he graduated 7 times.”

You did? As in, you had to retake school cause you forgot? Yeesh.

“In this house we got Feng Shui”

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That’s not the legend of the ten rings

“Did he say… Amongst? As in…”

Somehow more cringe than the chips ahoy ads.

“Which deliver a sound you have to hear to believe at a low price Can :tm: t be ignored”

say things i can understand

“Green Day is a band that exists”

Green day should be a band that exits.

“You’re like me if I was being directed by George Lucas.”

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So I’m better?

“I eat both rats and flesh.”

I’m not surprised.

“You aren’t fit for a civilized nation.”