Rockho's BIONICLE MOC: Toa Czarkor (titan)

This is Toa Czarkor. Once, a Toa of Magnetism. Now a giant, monstrous, power-hungry tyrant

He wields an Electromagnetic Whip, and wears the Mask of Metamorphosis, which allows the user to temporarily make any being either develop quickly or backwards in evolution (can theoretically turn a man into a monkey).

When he was just an ordinary Toa, he was part of a specialized Toa team who were tasked to protect the Av-Matoran on Karda Nui from Energy Storms shortly after the Toa Mata were put into status. However, during an intense Energy Storm, he got struck by a bolt of energy, thus causing Toa Czarkor to lose control of his elemental and mask powers.

His over-charged magnetic powers lead to the Av-Matoran's armor being viciously ripped from their bodies and re-attatched to Toa Czarkor's own body, and using his Mask of Metamorphosis, he grew to an immense size in order to accommodate the increased amount of armor.

Now infused with new-found strength and power, Toa Czarkor quickly developed an insatiable urge to absorb more energy, and found himself using his magnetic powers to rip the mechanical components off more innocent Av-Matoran to satiate his hunger. However, he was stopped by the combined forces of the few surviving Av-Matoran, and was blasted to bits.

His dismembered parts were then transported to Metru Nui, were Matoran would be able to study him. However, Toa Czarkor's soul was still contained within his mask, and he tried to kill the Matoran scientists who dared to approach his dismembered parts.

Out of fear, the Matoran transported his dismembered parts to an isolated cave, where he currently lays, waiting for someone careless enough to stumble upon him...

The red arrow points at a "lever" that can be pushed down to flip his shoulder'-mounted cannon upwards for manual usage.

Red arrows specify which parts will move and at what direction they will move

^ Toa Czarkor vs an Av-Matoran

^ Toa Czarkor alongside his "withered version"

Feedback, criticism, and improvements are always appreciated


Interesting MOC, I like how some of his "withered version's" traits were incoperated with this MOC. The legs are fairly solid looking and he seems very intimidating. My only gripe is that, while it was in his first version, the blades on his chest look rather strange.


Very not too fond of the Cordak missiles, or the stubby right arm, but overall it looks great.

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To be frank. This thing sucks.

The torso is incredibly blocky, the thighs have a weird mass of TECHNIC, the arms are way skinny than the rest of him, the weapon...

You just don't seem to be fit for titan building.


Well,this guy looks..................interesting.
The leg design is pretty cool,and the hands are alright,but to be blunt,the torso ruins this moc for me.The Brain attack armor,with nothing on,the giant blades and the red armor piece don't really work well.
The build of the torso also looks very awkward.I think that maybe you could've used more yellow pieces to fit with the left hand.But,as i mentioned above,the torso design is horrible.
I like the small version much,much more.


HA cries internally

I agree. How can I improve this?

You mean the red and yellow bits? I did that to balance out the colour scheme.

You mean his Electromagnetic Whip?

Other than the fact that I the yellow technic liftarms are supposed to represent electricity, I don't see what's so terrible about it. Sure, it isn't the most "clean" weapon, but it's something a crazed power-hungry villain would wield right?

I made more. You have not totally seen what I am capable of. :angry:

Other than the shape of the torso, the armor isn't that bad is it? The Brutaka blades make it look like his body is "eating up" the armor; he's a Toa of Magnetism, so his body is constantly attracting and absorbing metal components.

If I put anything on it, that would make his chest stick out like a Protector

That's supposed to be his "power core"

Try to create a more organic shape. Most male builds should have a body that's narrow at the hips, and broadens as you get closer to the shoulders.

On second thought the whip is not that bad. still suggest you find a different piece to represent the lightning.

I guess we'll see about that...


It makes me really sad that people still don't get how evolution works... But I'm not going to get into that for the Mod's sake.

I'm afraid I just really do not like the look of the MOC, I get what you were trying to go for, but it looks far too haphazard and there's absolutely no flow.

Basically, my points parrot Hawkflight.


It's a fictional mask power. Don't need to get so contemplative over it.

I've spent over a year designing it, taking it apart, and redesigning it over and over again to make it look somewhat decent.

What do you mean? I used similar textured armor (ehlek claws, visorak claws, brutaka spikes), and a solid color scheme to make some type of flow. Can't say there isn't if I actually tried.

I understand that you put a lot of work into it, and sometimes it just happens that people don't like it. The armor looks inconsistent and just doesn't look good. it's like a bunch of different style thrown together (Which, it kinda is). The armor just doesn't look good placed together like it is, they may have similar texturing, but that doesn't mean you achieved any sort of natural flow. And on a solid color scheme, while you did stick to four colors, it's not well distributed, and the red is just all over the place. Evenly all over the place is still all over the place.

I can definitely say something isn't there, even if you tried to make it. The legs do look great and my only complaint about them is the cordak missiles in the thighs, but that is the only part of the MOC that looks good in my opinion. If you tried to emulate that style in the rest of the MOC it'll come out looking great, but as is, I'd go with HF's suggestions and see how that turns out. I'm sorry you felt you needed to get defensive, as I never indented to insult you. I stand by what I've said, and I can only hope you take it into consideration.

And on the matter of it being a fictional mask power, just because its fictional doesn't mean you can call it one thing and have it be another. If It were a mask of flight, and you gave it the ability to have the user jump five feet higher, that would be just as wrong.

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It's okay. I just don't like it when people just say that it's ugly without providing any in-depth reasoning as to why they think so.

Thanks for the feedback!

So this moc walked into a bar and the bartender said "why the flat torso?".

In all seriousness, The torso works out. It makes him look tyrannical? Cool.


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So I uhh...made a few...adjustments to his torso. Based on some feedback, I realized that he had no chest armor. Like compared to his mid-section, his upper body was gappy and just...bleh.

I didn't feel like redesigning the whole thing, so I just added some extra spikes and 2 grey "L" shaped lift arms b/w the red tubes on his upper body to add some beef.

I wish those L-shaped liftarms came in silver though to blend in better with the colour scheme (seriously Lego, what happened to metallic-coloured lift arms?)

So guys, better or worse?


I has dem in silvah.

Technic Star Wars Hailfire droid.

Looks good.




Get your own from Bricklink if you want them that bad.

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Never mind, those L liftarms looked terribad anyway; I took them off and just gave him red chest spikes.

Haters gonna hate, red spikes fix everything

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I can see absolutely no difference.

First step, remove the Brutaka swords, then go from there.


No. I love them and they will stay there 'till the end of time.

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In which case this MOC has lost all chance at redemption.

That or you turn them upside down so they actually contribute to its shaping.