Roodaka Revamp

It’s a revamp of Roodaka. Enjoy.

You can see more over on her MOCpages page.


Thats great! I like her that size more than her original. And great piece usage

Great MoC! Oh, and poor Keelerak… Eh, he never stood a chance with all that lime green anyways.

No “spiked boots”?

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I like this a lot more than the original. The originals boobs were too big and phatu-nuvas weapons were one of the worst butt ideas ever. I really like this.
BTW back picture please.

Yeah defiantly better then original!

Back picture is featured in the link at the bottom of the post.

No. :stuck_out_tongue: They would’ve been hard for me to pull off, not to mention that it doesn’t make sense for someone like her (who obviously fights) to wear heels.

great work as always and I like the pose where she is standing on the visorak

Very nice redesign.

I can see who it’s meant to be and while this version definitely has pros (parity with the film version) A con for me is that I liked her wider upper body from the original set.
It seemed more appropriate since it was implied that like Sidorak she could beat a Toa to a pulp in a fistfight.

The wide upper body was sacrificed to make her more feminine.

She’s a little small for a would-be Vortixx dictator. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aside from that, you’ve done a relatively good job. The spike thing on the legs is a little awkward, IMO. Otherwise, I like how you’ve done the limbs; they’re very original. I guess the main thing that bothers me is that she’s lost her imposing stature. I get that you’re trying to keep her feminine, but feminine doesn’t always mean slim. Mess around with giving her some more bulk, it might work out well!

I did try my best to make her a little bulky, while trying to keep her less manly. Part of the thing may also be the scale. Yes, she is shorter than the set, but this revamp isn’t supposed to be in that scale. The Hordika at this scale would be smaller than their sets, thus making her bigger than the Toa, if I were to make one of them. It’s also just a size that I’m better at working in. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

I particularly like the design of the forearms

do you have instructions?