[RWBY] Blake fan club

My favorite character is Blake. Who else likes her the most?

wow ripoff

Kidding smile
Blake's my second favorite character. She's such an interesting character, with an interesting backstory to boot. Her weapon's pretty darn cool as well!

I'm still confused as to why she continues to wear that bow, though. Why continue to hide who you are, in fear of what others have to say?

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Yeah, we need ruby and yang fanclubs

We really do.



Aw wow... I thought this was for me... (my name is blake) stuck_out_tongue

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You should watch it. Not saying you have to.

She's by far my favorite.

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She's certainly the one with the most backstory and plot relevance. I'd be lying if I said she was my favorite Team RWBY member, but she's definitely got style. stuck_out_tongue



Arryn was very gracious when I met her at RTX. Blake is a good character with good delivery, but she needs to be given more interaction that isn't plot or drama related. I know being quiet and brooding is kind of her thing, but I feel like she's been used a lot as the front figure for the racism analogy.

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