RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

Kuro settled down, and sighed, “I’m sorry, I think I understand.”

Terin took a deep breath, “I just don’t get why you reacted so angrily; I was only trying to help.” He said.

Isn’t that what being a Huntsman or Huntress is all about? Helping people? he thought.

“Because, it doesn’t seem like you have any faith in me and my abilities. You don’t always have to be a white knight, coming to save someone who seems to be weak, when they have everything under control.” Kuro answered.

“If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have asked you about how to use the Nevermore to fly here nor would I have let you get the robot.” He told her.

“You need to remember we haven’t known each other that long and thus don’t likely have a full understanding of one another’s capabilities as a Huntsman or Huntress.”

“True, I guess you have a point, sorry.” Kuro said with a sigh.

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“Apology accepted.” He said, “And I’m sorry for acting the way I did; it wasn’t wise.”

Kaitlyn put two thumbs up in the background. “Apology accepted as well.” Kuro said cracking a bit of a smile as she said it.

Terin also smiled, “I wonder how the professors are watching and listening to us aside from this screen.” He said.

“I can think of a few.” Kuro said.

Terin raises an eyebrow in curiosity.

Laurel continues walking, maybe-hopefully getting close to where she’s supposed to be. (@LTVmocs @King_Ved)

“I suspect they’ve put hidden cameras and microphones around the forest.” Kuro explained.

She got to where the coordinates said to be and there was only the holographic wall.

Terin nods, “That makes sense.” He said.

“Honestly I think crazy and overdoing things, but then again that’s my mother.”

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“It’s a hologram right? Let’s walk through that.”

Laurel shrugs, the robot pilot shifting on her shoulder, and walks through the wall.

Discord follows. “Guess we’re doing this now.”

As they walked through, the robot’s light turned green and it was activated.

Laurel notices the ■■■■■ and sets the pilot down. “Hello?”

She gives a quick quip back “I’m still here.”