RWBY: Rise from Ashes (RP Topic)

“Well, I think she should be over it now, why don’t you go talk to her?” Kaitlyn suggested.

Terin nods, “Fair enough.”

He gets up and walks to Kuro.

Kuro was still sitting in her chair, her face back to it’s stone cold expression.

“I’m sorry about tackling and dragging you through the woods.” He said.

“It’s okay, it’s just part of who you are right?” Kuro asked her arms still crossed.

“Yeah, I tend to get tunnel-vision on missions and focus on the mission’s objectives, including the safety of the team, above other stuff.” He said.

“I was safe, and I had things under control.” said Kuro.

He nods, “I should’ve asked your thoughts on what to do.” He said.

“True, but you gotta know, you can’t save everyone and keep everyone safe. They say fear is a great fuel for bravery and courage, as well as a way to know what to do, but being we live in a world full of monsters which are attracted to it. We do not have the luxury of fear.” Kuro said.

Jupiter jumps away as the fire Dust explodes, likely consuming the Beowolf closest to him. He fires another arrow at the closer of the charging Grimm, intending to pin its leg to the ground with ice.

It was very effective, the beowolves were down.

Jupiter sighs, looking around for any other Grimm. Or other students, for that matter.

There wasn’t anyone around.

“But to not let fear exist is to deny bravery and courage; we should still feel fear but be careful in how we act on it and not let it solely control what we decide.” He told Kuro.

“Like with your reckless behavior when grabbing me away for ‘safety’?” Kuro asked.

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“That was a knee-jerk reaction; Creeps are known for trampling given their armor being concentrated at the front and their high mass which can make for a deveatating charge attack that is made more dangerous when a herd does it.” He said, he was trying to explain how that would logically work but he just simply didn’t think that action through.

“Then what’s your excuse for the nevermore?” Kuro asked looking a bit angry. Kaitlyn was in the background making a cross with her arms, saying no, don’t go any further.

Terin backs away, he didn’t want to risk her wrath.

“Well tell me.” She said, a bit angrily.

“The same reason I had run from the Creeps: without thought and only acting on the desire to keep a teammate and objective safe.” He told her.

His tone showed hurt; all he did was save her hide and she was mad at him for it. He just wanted to keep her and the robot safe and be able to complete the mission as quickly and effectively as possible.