RWBY Tournament (RP Topic)

It is time for the Vytal Festival. There are boats coming from Mistral, aircrafts from Atlas, and all sorts of great ground transports. They are all coming here, it would feel like an invasion if we didn’t let them in with open arms for a festival of unity and culture.


Quick Basics
OOC = Out of Character
IC = In Character
use when your character is thinking
“Quote when character is talking”

Now The RP Starts

Arkane is running out of his dorms so he can meet the new fighter.

Natalie jumps off of a plane to a safe spot basically showing her presence in Vale.


“Hey Arkane, what’s got you so excited” -Paul rolls over and pulls the covers off his head-

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Deep in a cargo hold of a ship from Vacuo, a cloaked figure was doing a check on his gauntlets, changing them into a pair of SMGs, a pair of Sai, a bo staff, a sniper rifle and back to gauntlets. “Soon, all my work will pay off and I will meet Vale with open arms.” The boy’s eyes seem to glint in the shadows of his hood.

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Arkane:" Don’t you know what today is?!"

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“No, the day we finial get our last team member?” Paul sits up and slips a blue ■■■■■ on.

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On a separate airship, Kota looks at the colosseum he will fight in. He has never seen a floating arena before, and the sight mesmerizes him. He steps off at the drop-off, checks to make sure he has everything, and proceeds to wander around the arena, taking in the sight of the beautiful landscape below him.

I have never seen so much green! It’s much cooler here as well, how refreshing!

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Lance, I await your signal.” Terin sits in his corner, waiting for a signal.

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Arkane:" Well Yes and all of the new fighters are just entering the city so I what to meet them."

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“Fine, Give me two minutes to shower and wash my tail” Paul’s tail flicks back and forth behind him, and his hair, and fur, is unkept.

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Terin pulls his sleeves to cover his gauntlets. He closes his eyes and takes the time to meditate until the time comes to disembark.

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Feeling a bit awkward and chilly, Kota decides to go to a less-populated area of the arena, unpack his tunic and fur mantle, and put them on. After putting his armor back on, he walks around for a bit more, itching to fight and nervous at the same time.

Never fought another huntsman before. I’ll have to be strong, they aren’t like Grimm. This is so exciting that time is moving at a snail’s pace, I can’t wait!

Lance contacts Terin “time to move”

Arkane sighs and says," Okay."
Meanwhile Natalie is dusting herself off from her graceful landing.

“Acknowledged.” Terin gets up and keeps to the shadows and heads to the exit.

“Ok done, lets head on into town. Did you clean your weapon last night, and polish your armor? I know how you like to make a good impression.” Paul slips on his light armor and attaches Storm’s Wraith to his hips

Arkane:" Yes mother." He says sarcastically.

Something finally clicks in Kota’s head:

Shoot, what’s the order? Who am I fighting first? Did they say yet? I don’t think I got anything on my scroll. Do they announce it?

Kota tries his best to calm himself down and assure himself that everything will work out. He hopes his short panic wasn’t too obvious.

Ideruba wakes up at the hotel yelling,“Dang it, I am late again!”

“Ha ha ha.” Paul and Arkane walk out of the dorm room

“Oh well…” Ideruba gets dressed and grabs bag.