Okay guys, here it is. Sorry in advance, it appears that a few RPGs got nix’d while I was gone, my bad. If there are any you want added to the list, let me know in PM please and I should be able to restore them and add them here!

Now, with that out of the way, Welcome to the official RPG board Archive!


2059: Big in Japan by Mctoran Signups


Amplified Fun by LTVmocs [Signups] (Died March 28, 2018)

In a world where the large majority people who have magic and powers are normal… How does one even have thrill anymore? Roller Coasters? Nah. Too slow. Sports? Why do it when people can use magic. Video Games? Who needs it when you can have the thrill in real life. No one has the budget to enhance these things with their magic or powers. I mean not everyone can change the world with their abilities.

Real thrill is doing something that lets you be free to be who you are. Something that lets you loose. Be free. Feel loose. So what reason do you have not to take a once in a lifetime opportunity?

I mean… Why not join a couple of old friends and do a heist? You could need cash. Maybe you wanna reconnect and possibly meet new people along the way. But whatever the reason, you finally have a chance to let everything you have loose. Honestly, who cares about the consequences, am I right?

A Repetetive Week By LTVmocs [Signups] (Died December 17, 2017)

You are heading to a large party over the weekends. The week seems boring and dull and you hope for it to be more exciting. Fate can take a turn for the worst.


The Brotherhood of Makuta Roleplay By Makuta Texxidos [Signup] (Died January 20, 2017)

We all love these powerful, gaseous manipulators of everything. - Quite literally, there is a Makuta behind everything that ever happened in the Matoran Universe.


Chaos Creation By Runa [Signup] (Died May 2, 2017)

You wake up on a plateau on a mountain in the middle of what seems like a desert, with other oddities in the land surrounding, and can feel a strange, chaotic energy surrounding the place, and the last thing you remember is being sucked into some strange rift. Around you is a group of people. Will you help them, or hinder them, it’s up to you to decide…

Chaos Realm by Runa

Conduit: Race for Power by Runa [Signups]


Delusions of Grandeur by Chronicler [Signup/Discussion]

The end of the Galactic Empire is at hand. After the fierce Battle of Jakku, the Empire approaches a time of despair as The New Republic forms from the ashes of the Battle of Endor.

However, the Empire won’t quit yet. Factions of Imperial Moffs swear to keep the Galactic Empire running in factions. Grand Moff Jocal Whittal, a former general who operated during the capture of Han Solo at the planet of Bespin, has recently acquired Cloud City and formed it into an Imperial base, filled with bounty hunters and criminals rampaging in the streets.

General Lando Calrissian, however, has different plans. The former chief of Cloud City wishes to reclaim his former home, and has sent a battalion of Rebel Troops to coup and recapture the city.

A dark fate awaits the Empire and the Rebels as they find themselves with delusions of grandeur…



Frontier: An Okoto Space Roleplay by Ghidora




Halo: ODST RP by squeaverking (Died Jan 13, 2017)
Halo: Two Hours by squeaverking (Died June 17, 20017)
Halo: Demons in The Night By German (Died July 8, 2017)
Halo: Into The Howling Dark By squeaverking (Died may 18, 2016)
Halo: Into the Howling Dark Reboot By squeaverking
Halo: Into the Howling Dark; Definitive Edition By squeaverking
Halo: Into The Howling Dark V by squeaverking (Ended in July Reset) [Signups]
Halo: Ghosts of the Journey by German


Island of Mystery By Runa (Closed in July 2018 Reset)

You wake up on an strange island, surrounded by unfamiliar waters. On this island of an unknown size were many different environments, and many different creatures of many different species, from many different places. Will you make them friend? Will you make them foe? Will you even figure out how it is you ended up on this island of mystery?






Never Ending Adventure By Chedzu (October 2014) ;D

This is a game based off of the never-ending Eljay fanfic, although it isn’t necessarily focused on Eljay. Inspiration for this came from the fact that I noticed the Eljay fanfic was starting to derail itself, and forget about the main point of itself, that being Eljay.

Nothing Personal By pizzacheetah (Ended by GM on February 27, 2017)

Our seven heroes, well, protagonists, find themselves entering the bar, each to meet with different contact. None of them think much about running into each other at this joint, as none of them have ever met before. Despite that, they enter the bar at a similar time. It’s a bit slow at JimmyBob’s this time of day, just two drakons in the back playing cards, a human having a drink by himself at the bar, and the short-handed staff. As the seven mercenaries enter, they are ignored, no one in the bar so much as turning to look their way.
Now, they each decide what to do before trying to find their contacts.



Okotan Adventures By Runa [Signups/Discussion] [Closed in July 2018 Reboot]

Not even 20 years since the departure of the Toa, Ekimu the Mask Maker, unofficial leader of the island of Okoto, called adventurers from all around the island, all to the City of the Mask Makers, to listen to his plea. That is why you are here; all of you have been called here by him to help recover the island from its recent crises.




Return of the Never Ending By Sammy Spartan (Died April 13, 2017)

In the year 1827, Humanity made the greatest discover in it’s history: Magic. Magic allowed humanity to make technology centuries ahead of it’s time. We had the internet and cloud by 1900. We were space fairing in 1935. And in 1967, we were able to terraform other terrestrial bodies in our solar system, like Mars, Titan, and Venus.

The year is now 2070. Human lifespan has increased from 80 years to 150. We’ve managed to travel to nearby star systems, such as Alpha Centauri, Sirius, and Epsilon Eraidani with rudimentary FTL that can take us 20 light years away in just a week.

However, no other life has been found yet. Human governments have banned the travel beyond 20 light years, and those that go that far never return. As well, governments are also unable to hold much control over planets farther out. Many are dominated by pirates and bandits, and those living there have their own rudimentary

It is a time of exploration, and adventure.

Red vs. Blue: A Fool’s War by squeaverking [Signups/Discussion] (Died May 21, 2017)
Reclaiming Iden Nui by Jcton
Reclaiming Nuiwar By Runa
RWBY: The Rift By King_Ved
RWBY: Tournament By King_Ved
Remnants of Zeon By Ned_Flanders


Self Moc Actual Roleplay - Act 1 By DG_Eddie {Signups} (Ended March 24, 2016)

You wake up on a long forgotten Island. You do not know, where you are, but you sense other beings move around you. You can’t tell if they are friendly or not, but you can feel a bizarre fascination and curiosity seeping into your mind. As you get up, you notice patterns on the ground, leading to an ancient place…

Self Moc Actual Roleplay - Act II By DG_Eddie (Ended May 16, 2016)

As our heroes defeated Osorenix, otherwise known as Fear, in a glorious fight, where they were in serious disadvantage, they celebrated their victory. They ate cookies, drank root beer and everyone was happy. Until one of them, a Trodax named Ezarax (Dragos for friends only), receives a call.

[The Multi Dimensional Bionicle Roleplay (SMARP ACT III)]
(The Multi-Dimensional Bionicle Roleplay) By DG_Eddie

The heroes, after defeating Korak, and losing many friends, travel to Tregaron, Origin city of Hutere. They are amazed by the architecture of the city, and they find themselves on the yard of the courthouse.

Something Spooky By jayzor17 [Signups] (Died January 2, 2018)
Something Crazy By jayzor17 (Died April 23, 2018)

Imagine this: you’re a normal person in our everyday world, and you get a letter. It has a place and a time, with an invitation to witness something. Something fantastical. Something crazy.

Spacial Reality: Secrets of the Universe by Runa [Signups]

Super Serums By Bobofoot (Died March 5 2018)


Tale of the Timberwolves by Winterstorm345

Transformers: Cybertron Reborn By MaximusPrimal (Died June 16, 2018)

In front of the grand temple. built around the well of allsparks, was a titanic crowd. Millions of bots from all over the globe had gathered for this single event. In front them, a massive stage, with large screens placed around the crowed, displaying a view of the stage for those who could not see. On that stage, were the four leaders of the planet.

“Welcome one and all to the annual grand festival of peace!”
Said Maxima, the leader of the maximals. Her voice projected through speakers set up around the area so all could hear.

“It was 200 thousand years ago, on this day, that our warriors of legend gave our world new life. Now today, we celebrate our birth, the birth of new cybertronians, and the peaceful coexistence we have maintained between our four nations.”

Transformers: A World At War By MaxiumusPrimal (Died March 25, 2017)

In the mists of the great war optimus prime sends a group of elite Autobot commandos lead by Maximus on a mission to capture the Decepticon fortress city of Tarn, a highly strategic point for the Decepticon forces, after the initial attack the autobots have managed to fortify an area to be their base, causing the enemy to retreat. Breakneck and Motorshock flee to find nearby shelter, while Maximus, Shatter-Spring, and Shatterjet settle into their new base.

Transformers: Universal Devistation by MaximusPrimal (With Spelling Errors Included ;D)

[Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age Part I] (Transformers: Twilight of the Golden Age) | Part II by Chromeharpoon

Transformers: Storm’s Wrath byKingOfCatfish

The Blade’s Edge by Ned_Flanders

The Experiment by Omega_Tahu {Signups}

The Lab By Traykar (Died June 1, 2017)

Several assorted individuals are in a small brightly lit room, other than the creases where the walls meet the floor and ceiling, it’s entirely featureless. The room smelled of chemical agents and the temperature was frigid. Quietly, a panel on the ceiling slid away, and a monitor on a Robotic appendage slipped into the room. “Wakey Wakey Test subjects,” Says a synthesized voice emanating from the screen," Are you ready for testing?"

The Elevator By 1000Purse30 (Died March 24, 2018)

All of you individually walk inside , what looks like, an abandoned building, through an empty alley at dusk though there were a few lamp posts. The door had a sign covering the window saying, “Contestants only”. By now all all of you have entered at a different time, and dont know that other contestants are present. Brace yourselves, for what might be a bizzare game…

The In-Between by Runa

The Sunrise by MakutaTexxidos





The Winter Legion Compendium Volume 1 By Winterstorm345 [Signup/Discussion] (Ended by GM, March 26, 2017)

Winter swaggers through the streets, he notices a Cult soldier and purposefully drops his shoulder into the man’s path. Sprawled on the ground, the soldier looks up at the giant form of Winter. “God’s champion” he mutters, sweeping up into a bow, “Sorry m’lord I did not see you there, the fault is mine” he then runs off.

Winter never found out that the man would later be found in taverns, telling the tale of how he could have killed the famous Lord Winter that day, and by his good will spared him. Winter continued on to the secret meeting place, where he stops, concealed in the doorway, watching the full room.

The Winter Legion Compendium Volume 2 By Winterstorm345 (Died May 28, 2017)

The ship’s glide into the port, the city of Yohur rises from the cliff face ahead. Winter sighs, “Take us in as quickly as possible, the Hopeless will dock last, I want the streets well cleared by the time the Doomed Company disembarks”

The signal officer nods as he sets about conveying the orders.

Winter growls with annoyance, “Whoever the worm is that wishes to steal my land, I shall take great pleasure killing”

Warhammer 40k: One Thousand Ways to Die By squeaverking (Died May 14, 2017)



Yu-Gi-Oh: The Yin and Yang by BlackBeltGamer98



Ah you double posted! :stuck_out_tongue: I think this is a good idea. I haven’t been around long enough to have any additions though.


What happened to the old RPs? I’m not seeing them anywhere.

You have to request that certain ones be archived here.

Just noticed he put SMARP on here.

Now everyone can read it in all its infamy.



Would it be possible for the rwby rps to be submitted to the archive, or are they gone forever?

I should be able to put them up. Give me a few days and I’ll see what I can do.



Out of curiosity, is there a definite deadline for when you will no longer be able to archive the old topics?

Okay so to speed things along if you can remember who made the RPGs that would be super helpful. Discourse essentially forces topics that are “deleted” to only be searchable under the owners name :confused:

From what I can see, Discourse saves archived versions of every topic that is deleted indefinitely. Theoretically it never fully gets rid of them and they can be restored by an Admin.

If that’s the case I could eventually archive every RPG that has ever been played on the site, however that would take a ton of time hence why, for the time being, I’m focusing on ones that people want to remember, as opposed to ones that only got 20 posts.


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@King_Ved for both

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Don’t know if it’s too late now, but I just noticed that “The In-Between,” another old RP of mine, seems to be missing.

Also “Chaos’ Realm” it seems.


I also encourage any and all GMs with RPGs on this list to write a quick blurb I can add to their listing!

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Can you add Tale of the Timberwolves, by me?

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Could you also possibly find “Spacial Reality: Secrets of the Universe” By me, “The Blade’s Edge” by Joe, “The Sunrise” by MakutaTexxidos, and “The Experiment” by Omega_Tahu?

I think that’s it.

EDIT: Just realized Joe actually goes by Ned_Flanders now, so whoops for the potential confusion.

@Winterstorm345, @Runa

Unfortunately I can’t do any digging tonight (Finals are coming up. Whoopie!) but I should be able to pull all of those up tomorrow evening for you guys.

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