Ryylem, Antumbran Knight

So, I am back with another Bionicle build. This lovely lady is Ryylem, the Antumbran Knight.

Let's begin the walkthrough of the design process. If you have seen some of my previous MOCs, then you probably can guess that this started with the weapon. I wanted to give Ryylem a unique weapon that could transform from a melee weapon to a blaster or gun of some sort. Originally I went with a sword, but it looked pretty bad. I decided instead to go with a Naginata once I had an improved design. The weapon can even fold up unto a sheathed form.

I knew I wanted to give Ryylem control over light and shadow, so I initially wanted to use a color scheme of black and trans-clear. However, once I decided to use the crystal mask of light, I added some gold to go along with the gold sparkles in the mask. And if it was not already apparent, she has hair. It looked to me like the hair was an extension of the mask of light, so it works.

And now, her backstory. This is a condensed version, since the full version is rather long.

A servant of Diaa bound to an ancient and sacred oath of honor, Ryylem is a knight from a distant island. As was standard for all knights, Ryylem wears a Mask of Light, allowing her to control many forms of light. After falling in battle, Ryylem unleashed hidden innate powers of shadow of which she had no former knowledge. Single-handedly holding off an army with her new-found powers of light and shadow, Ryylem expected to be heralded as a hero. Instead, her people feared her dark powers and cast her from society. Left with only her armor and her naginata, Ryylem fled to Okoto, an island torn by a war between Conduits and Predecessors. She adopted the title Antumbran Knight and was hired to defeat the Conduits. She worked closely with a particular Predecessor named Diaa, the Predecessor of Light. Ryylem followed Diaa when he attempted to overthrow his fellow Predecessors, and was imprisoned in stasis deep within Okoto. Diaa rescued her following his reawakening. Now, Ryylem works with Diaa to conquer Okoto and create a new world according to his will. Though she follows Diaa, she is neither heartless nor dishonorable, and her loyalty has come into question more than once.

Ryylem’s title, Antumbran Knight, means the Knight of Shadow in Light. As her name implies, she has control over both elements. Her power over light allows her to create flashes, lasers, and radiation. Her power over shadow allows her create illusions, become invisible in shadows (which she rarely does. Hiding is dishonorable, after all), travel through shadows, envelope areas in darkness. She wields a transforming naginata which can be used to channel her powers in blade form. In blaster form, the weapon can launch focused concussive blasts.

So, that is Ryylem. She is one of my favorite MOCs so far. I hope you like her, too. For more information about her backstory and how she relates to other characters in my head canon, details about the construction of the gunblade, and more pictures, I suggest you check out the full album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskpRQRjN

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! As always, advice, comments, and suggestions for improvement are appreciated. Thanks!


That hair though.
This is a really neat build, I like how you used G2 parts and G1 parts. It's all very seamless.
The two MoEs on her shoulders is ingenious, btw.
Good Job!

funny, to me it looks like a mess of tangled cables.

funny you call her a knight, she looks far more like a gladiator given the gold placement.

that weapon is fantastic.

the build overall is really good,
but the the back is kind of open, and the waist is cluttered, I can barely tell what's going on, and the hair is bad.

I feel that there should be more gold to balance the sheer mass of black, maybe use gold shells on the chest or something.

man, that weapon is fantastic.

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Veeeerrryy nice use of the Avohkii. The Chest technique is very solid and filled out, plus I love those shins/feet, they are excellent. The area around the neck looks awkward occasionally, there should be more gold on the torso, and the thighs could be less blocky near the top, but otherwise this is awesome. Also, the asymmetry is nice.

That is one fine gunsword there. You should really have just a topic for all these weapons :stuck_out_tongue: .

That is a great use of the Avohkii. It's a little difficult to analyze the body due to the overwhelming amount of black, though the design of it and the limbs looks pretty decent.

I personally can't find anything here, I could complain about.

The colour scheme and its distribution work.
The build is very good.
The weapon is nice.
The hair is interesting but not bad at all.
I personally really like the use of Onua's masks on the shoulders.

That said -
Could you perhaps be bothered to join the Brotherhood Project? It would really benefit from one or more MOCs from you.

Great work! Love the torso build.


Now that you mention it, yes. Maybe I should have called her the antumbran gladiator. But then again, knights don't use naginatas, guns, or have long hair, so it is all subject to creative license.

I left part of the back uncovered to allow her to carry the naginata. I am sure I can do something to make it look better, though. It just might be tricky. The gold/black balance was something I gave a lot of though to. I am not a fan of copious amounts of gold, so I tried to keep it as a secondary color, but I can see where you are coming from. While she looks good in person, it was really hard to photograph her in a detailed way with all the black. I do feel like gold shells would look good, but I do not have any as of right now. (I might have to fix that soon.)

Yeah. That part was tough to build. The torso construction is very intricate and tight, so fighting something up there without hindering head mobility was not easy. I will see what I can do to improve that, though.

I am not sure how to fix that. Any ideas?

Not a bad idea! I might just do that. It would give me a chance to show off some designs that did not make it into the final builds, such as Ryylem's original weapon.

I would love to join! I probably wont be able to finish anything until at least Christmas, but I will start brainstorming. I kind of wanted Ryylem to be a Makuta, but I did not think that would work well with the mask of light and the concept I had for her backstory.

Thanks everyone!

Probably just flipping it around and putting more technic/greeble-y bits around it would help

How did u get those masks to stay on?

from the title I thought it said Arkham Knight

this looks pretty good, don't see this version of the Avohkii that often

They just kind of clip onto the sides of a socket piece.

I noticed the similarity after I posted this, too.

Nor have I. This is the first time I have used it in a way I am proud of.

This is a great MOC. Nice job.

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This is very nicely made!

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I got to admit this looks great.
Really like the weapon.

Ryylem has been updated! I fixed/improved a number of the problem areas. Unfortunately, I did not have time to take pictures using my camera, so I used my phone.

Updated neck and torso (more gold might come in the future):

The chain was added to cover some gaps and some extra axles were added for more support.

Less Blocky Thighs:

Although the connection of the cheese slope add-ons is not purist, it is secure and does not use any modified parts. The gold bits are just wedged into the black parts of the thighs.

Updated back area:

While I am not the biggest fan of the current setup (I might change it again later), the back section is a lot less open than before.

Updated feet:

I really need to change out those red axles when I find more black ones. At any rate, the feet were modified to close the gap in the back of the heels and add a little more color.

Additionally, the shoulders were modified. The right shoulder now has a new grey socket piece and the left has a pre-2008 style grey socket piece. This was done so that the right arm could more easily support the naginata. The old black sockets were a bit worn out and loose, but the new one holds almost any pose now. Also, a bit more gold was added to the back of the left arm.

Well, that is it for now! If any of you have any more suggestions for improvement, or you just don't like the updated stuff, I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks!

MSEP out.


Looks good. The update fixes the lack of clear parts.


this looks awesome! The only thing i would fix would be to build a custom head (instead of the toa metru head) so that the hair fuses into the mask, but thats probably impossible, so great job, they asymmetricality with the onua heads is super-cool!

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