Salvation for Some, Death for Others: Marendar

Here is my nearly complete Marendar just a couple parts left waiting for in mail.

Some explanation: you may notice the disk in the center with trans colors on it. One color representing each Toa Mata eye color. Those represent each element and is what allows Marendar to resist all elements. The idea is each of the original elements represent resistances to those and to the other elements when activated in combination. For example: earth and fire resists plasma, Water and Earth represents sonic and so on.

I made him bulky cause the quote from Yesterday Quest “Angonce knew the abrupt appearance of so many Toa on Spherus Magna might well activate Marendar. He hurried to the vault, but too late – the living weapon had already smashed its way through three feet of metallic protodermis and was gone. It would carry out its programming and kill any and every Toa on the planet.”
Smashed not melted or blasted, so to me the bulk and claws facilitates that action. I drew inspiration from Japanese Oni and the greatest living weapon of all time… the xenomorph.

Also, after I posted this, I realized my Gahdok and Cahdok have white axle-pins… so after some dentistry on Gahdok the blue pins on Marendar are now white. I know its a tiny detail, but I hate hate the blue pins when visible…
comments and critiques welcome :slight_smile:


interesting. But that looks really cruel design


That really looks scary. This thing looks like it could take down a whole toa team!


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awww he’s a cutie


That’s really cool looking, I wouldn’t mind if this became canon.
The parts usage is great.


It’s very cool, and a great moc! I’ll admit that I imagine Marendar with a black and gunmetal color scheme (as you can see in my version of Marendar), but the red and white looks pretty cool! Also, I imagine him being a sleek predator, but this kin of fits that aesthetic, just with a bulkier twist. Man, I really hope we get to this contest, it’s gonna be so fantastic to see all of the creative versions of Marendar that people come up with

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Adjusted grammar in title

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I hope we get there to! Cause ive had a toa Zaria ready to go and now this. As an aside I think it might be beneficial to see two contests run at once so next would be Toa Tuyet, Lariska, then Toa Orde, Toa Zaria, Toa Chiara, then Toa Nidhiki, Toa Varian, then Gold Skinned Being and Marendar.

Give a month for each moc so if two, two months for entry into both, two weeks or check that the enter moc meets criteria and time to fix, then voting, and then however long they feel is appropriate for art design.

I realize running more than one moc at a time has its challenges, but hopefully with the extra help quality checking takes some of the burden off. This would shorten the MOC contests in the long run, but might not be a bad thing.

Id like to see the art voting portion for the Hagah begin and conclude before the holidays with the winner announced after the holidays and if they are proceeding with contests.

Granted that is all very easy for me to say as I am not the one running it with the logistics and balancing life and work. So I commend both @Eljay, @Mesonak and the rest involved so far for all the hard work and crap they have put up with regardless how they proceed.

Thank you! Have you posted your Marendar I was tying to look it up hehe? I specifically moved away from the darker colors because I felt many people would go that way. pulse most of my black parts are used up in my Makuta Necro and dark pearl gray in my Zaria haha

after the hagah may I just say, oh god no. Better to take their time and do it right then rush it and have us descend feet first into hecc once again


That is certainly a fair point. there are pros and cons no matter what but it really comes down to what is simplest for them to conduct.

not entirely. It would be simplest for them to have no rules and let any entries in even the hose related ones

Yeah I posted mine. You want me to link it so that you can find it easier?

please do :slight_smile:
I wish we had like a gallery in our profiles that we could upload one image of each moc with the link to the larger post so we could easily view what people have built. Without having to look though all their activity/ posts by title haha

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Sure thing, just a sec

Edit: here it is. Sorry for the bad photo quality, my phone camera at the time sucked


Yours would certainly be more agile than mine, love the head, and that we both had similar hands and picking up toa… poor onua and lewa

who calls?


Now thats a Marendar :smiley: Looks fantastic. That perfect balance of red and white looks great. Again that head is so intimidating.
The only thing I’m not 100% on is the open Axle on the foot. Other than that, looks fantastic.

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those will be filled with red bohrok eyes just taking awhile to get to me in mail. Ill also be swapping the sliver metru chest piece on the arms for white and placing white metru leg armor on the back of the upper arms

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Marendar do be having those thicc, beefy T H U N D E R T H I G H S tho